Basically, this is good for passports, birth certificates, Social Security documents, and other smaller forms. If you want to get flashy you can even opt for a few different color options, including black, blue, red, and white. It has the same 30-minute fireproof rating as the 2620DF, but lacks the digital keypad—a feature that’s nice to have but not essential. Nick Guy is a senior staff writer covering Apple and accessories at Wirecutter. However, it is ware resistant to prevent water from pushing into the safe. This is especially the case if the fire lasts longer, or if the safe is in a lower area of the house and burning debris might collapse on it. If you work in a small business, especially a business that deals with daily cash drops, you understand the importance of having a strong, secure safe. Most of what you have can be replaced, but there are certain items that you can’t. It’s similar to “waterproof,” where a device is waterproof up to a certain depth and for a certain length of time. The 1104 has an internal capacity of 0.39 cubic feet, measuring 3.8 by 14.8 by 12 inches. The bottom portion of this safe is actually designed to hold files, which makes it the perfect fit for your documents. It’s independently rated to last longer against fires at higher temperatures than other safes of its size, meaning it has the greatest potential of keeping your stuff secure. We filled each safe with the same contents: five printed photos in an envelope, a newspaper, a flash drive with various video files, and a DVD with a movie file burned to it. Instead, you need to protect your important documents with a fireproof safe. This is a sturdy safe that is not going to be messed with. It’s also pry-resistant as the hinges are concealed. So the safe that works for you will not always work for the next person. Everyone should use a password manager, and after researching dozens and testing four, we recommend 1Password because it’s secure and easy to use. It’s a problem that all three companies whose safes we tested mention in their documentation and other materials. It features a code lock that is durable and feels nice to the touch. Steelwater AMSWEL-310 has an active rectangular locking bolt, as well as stationary rectangular locking bolts on the hinge side. If you just wanted any old safe you could head out to the local big chain grocery store and buy a safe. For example, we previously recommended the 2030F, and stand by it being a great safe—if you can get it. John Drengenberg, consumer safety director at UL, phone interview, July 29, 2016, Larry McKenna, fire protection engineer at the U.S. Fire Administration, phone interview, September 11, 2018. The 2602DF has a lower UL certification than our main pick, the Honeywell 1104: 1,550 °F for 30 minutes versus 1,700 °F for 60 minutes. First Alert’s safes have stickers that read, “[Be] sure to place important paper documents, currency, jewelry, and other delicate items in an airtight, dishwasher-safe container.” The company says to ventilate the safe by opening it for 20 minutes every two weeks. It doesn’t matter how fire resistant a safe is if water damaged everything inside the safe. In total it weighs 67 pounds. So with the help of trained fire professionals, we built a 4-by-8-foot room out of plywood and two-by-fours, and installed drywall inside to radiate heat. This way, it can’t be pried open with a crowbar. For this round of testing, we called in First Alert’s 2602DF and 2037F; Honeywell’s 1104, 1108, 1503 and 1506, and SentrySafe’s CFW20201, HD2100, and HD4100. 4. Large enough to hold hanging folders and tough enough to last up to an hour in a fire, but it weighs 80 pounds. Humidity can be an issue with these safes, as they tend to capture and hold in moisture, which can damage their contents. Vemingo Fireproof Bag 2000 ℉ Water Resistant Document Holder 15.8" x 12.6" x 3" Non-Itchy Silicone Coated Fireproof Safe Storage for Money, Documents, Jewelry, Passport and … If your safe isn’t waterproof the fire may not damage the internal documents, but the water might. He has been reviewing iPhones, iPads, and related tech since 2011—and stopped counting after he tested his 1,000th case. So for our initial testing, I worked with fire professionals to simulate the scenario accurately and learn how safes perform in real fires. Even if the safe is unlocked, it won’t let water in or pop open if dropped when the latches are shut. The safe is UL Classified at 1550 degrees for 30 minutes, so it should hold up to the average house fire. At 1.25 cubic feet, there’s more than enough room for you to store your folder of documents. *At the time of publishing, the price was $110. A home safe is a steel lockable box designed to safely store valuables such as jewelry, money or important documents. It’s also fireproof, waterproof, can take a fall from 30 feet and it doesn’t require batteries. We like the combination of a physical key and a digital keypad, something our main pick doesn’t have. Still, it is perfect for your office use. Fireproof isn’t one size fits all. With its size and higher fireproof rating comes weight as well: At 56 pounds, moving this safe around isn’t going to be as easy as it would be with smaller, less protective options. The best fireproof document safe to protect belongings from fire and water is the Honeywell 1104. All rights reserved. comes at a higher price tag. JUNDUN Fireproof Document Bags,13.4”x 9.4”Waterproof and Fireproof Money Bag,Fireproof Safe Storage Pouch with Zipper for A4 Document Holder,File,Cash and Tablet 4.6 out of 5 stars 5,519 #1 Best Seller in Safe Accessories A fire has the ability to completely destroy everything you’ve worked for, and yet there is very little you can do once it starts. You might have time to grab something on the way out, but you may also not. The safe uses 10 locking points to keep the door secure and there is a bolt down design, even though the safe already weighs 225 pounds. This is a sturdy safe that is not going to be messed with. Large enough to hold file folders and documents, but it has only a 30-minute burn rating. This 80-pound behemoth is designed to hold both letter- and legal-size hanging file folders, which is convenient if you have a lot of documents or simply want to keep your things organized. There are moveable (and removable) drawers within the safe, so you can make any needed adjustments to fit what you’re storing. If you want both, you’ll go for something that’s too heavy for anyone to easily lift it and take it out of the house. Three major brands make most of the fireproof safes you’ll find for home use: First Alert, Honeywell, and SentrySafe. It’s large enough to hold both letter- and legal-size paper without having to fold them. The Hollon Safe is a classic safe design with a code dial pad and steel handle. There is an additional key lock if you want to add a second layer of security. There are other great safes on this list to go with. It has a sophisticated design that features an excellently crafted digital display. SentrySafe offers a similar warning, suggesting an airtight container for “jewelry with working parts, watches, stamps, or photos.” It also specifically says not to keep pearls in its safes. We lifted the safes, loaded them with paper and folders, and looked for weak points, such as cracks, or parts that might break off. The safe has an adjustable internal shelf as well. We also tried to submerge them in a bathtub to test if water would seep through, but, well, safes float. Measurements: 17.2 by 20 by 7.3 inches (LWH)Weight: 56 poundsUL fireproof rating: one hour at 1,700 °F. Overview. Do you just want to protect a few documents, or do you want to protect other items as well? 1. Pretty much every SentrySafe safe you purchase is fireproof at 1700 degrees for up to an hour. The 1104 lacks a digital keypad that, though not essential, would offer a way to get into the safe without a key. The door on this safe automatically locks and it has an upgraded electronic keypad. These are both independent tests, not something UL looks at. Now, it is important to point out you can’t fit a full-size legal folder or document into this model. With a footprint of 20 inches wide and 17 inches long (about the same as a mini fridge), the 1104 may not be a great fit in small apartments or other living situations where there’s not a lot of floor space. Deposit Safes A safety deposit box is a necessary investment for individuals who would like to keep their money and documents secure. It’s certified to withstand high-temperature fires for twice as long as the competition, but weighs 54 pounds and has the footprint of a mini fridge. Additionally, during a house fire, one room will burn, on average, for 20 minutes, before the flames spread to the next room and the fire dies down in the current room. The famous brand Steelwater keeps an extra-large gun safe in the market that can hold about 16 guns at a time having a first priority in the checklist you make for an ideal gun safe for years either for office or home use. It has all of the same attributes as our main pick, the Honeywell 1104, including the ability to survive a fire up to 1,700 ºF for an hour. Get the latest in-depth ratings, reviews, and buying advice on money products, shopping, and personal finance from Consumer Reports. SentrySafe’s FHW40200, exhibited the same faults as the CHW30100. There are smaller safes that are fireproof and have enough room to store your documents. The safe is made from solid steel, with layers of steel inner walls and door. Compared with the Honeywell safes, this is not rated to last as long in a fire, but it’s still certified to withstand fires at temperatures up to 1,550 °F for 30 minutes. He also said that a room will burn for about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes if not addressed. Steelwater Standard Duty 16 Long Gun Safe. Documents, for example, will go up quickly, and it’s not like you can run to the office and sift through a filing cabinet. If you’re going to invest in a safe, you want to know the safe will actually work. After researching every fireproof personal safe from the three main manufacturers and testing more than a dozen, including burning five of them in a controlled fire with the help of two firefighters, we recommend the Honeywell 1104 as the best safe you can get for your home or office. Some features of the SentrySafe 0500 Fireproof Box to consider include: If you need a safe that has more room than the previous option, the AdirOffice Security Safe with Digital Lock is a great step up. So a burn temperature of 1,100 and length of time of 30 minutes are minimums for your safe. The Fire Alert safe uses four live door bolts and backlit digital keypad. There’s nothing flashy about the safe, it just does its job exceptionally well. It might sound like a strange feature to consider when shopping around for fireproof safes, but a waterproof safe is a must. However, it does have a much smaller footprint and weighs only 27 pounds, making it easier to move if necessary. Phoenix Datacare 2 Hour Key Lock Fireproof Safe, The 11 Best DSLR & Mirrorless Camera Stabilizers in 2021, The 8 Best Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizers in 2021, The 12 Best Laser Cutter & Engraving Machines, The 13 Best Web and Conference Cameras for Video Interviews & Streaming in 2021, Designed for small items such as DVDs, flash drives, and small documents, Fire resistant at 1200 degrees at 20 minutes, Fire resistant of up to 1700 degrees at one hour, Sturdy construction of 86 pounds and can be bolted down, A dual security feature of dial combination and key lock, Smaller stature makes it great for fitting in closets or other tight spaces, Large enough to store documents, work as a hotel safe, or as a pistol safe, 30 minutes fire resistant (although exact temperature not listed), Can pull up access records on the LED screen, Fire resistant at 1700 degrees for an hour, Fire resistant of 1700 degrees at up to 1 hour, Large enough to hold all your document valuables, Key adds the second layer of unlocking security, Heavy duty 225 pounds and can be bolted to the ground or wall, Fire resistant at 1400 degrees for up to 30 minutes, Secondary lock at the top for additional storage and security, Key lock, with no combinations or codes to deal with, Waterproof and fire resistant for up to two hours, Warranty will replace the safe if it is ever in a fire. Even though it has a more solid fit and finish than other models we’ve tested from the company, the issues we’ve seen are so widespread and serious that we’re reticent to suggest any of SentrySafe’s products. The safe is also able to withstand temperatures of 1700 degree for up to an hour. Safe Box Digital Security Safe with LED Display, 6. Some of the features of this safe include: In terms of fireproof features, few safe manufacturers are able to compete with SentrySafe. Internal measurements are 11.9 inches by 13.8 inches by 12.6 inches. Or you might want something extreme, like Fort Knox inside your office. These document safes are also not gun safes, and should not be used as such. The interior of the Phoenix Datacare 2 Hour Key Lock Fireproof Safe measures at 19.5 inches by 15.5 inches by 16 inches. A document safe needs to be fireproof and watertight (so “flood-proof,” too), with a locking mechanism that keeps opportunistic intruders out. The highlight of this safe is that it has a removable shelf 1/2″ deep. © 2021 Wirecutter, Inc., A New York Times Company, Smaller and cheaper for hanging file folders, A document-sized runner-up: First Alert 2602DF, A bigger option for file folders: Honeywell 1108, A runner-up for hanging files: First Alert 2037F, petroleum-based furniture burns faster and hotter than traditional wooden furniture, How to Safely Charge and Store Lithium Drone Batteries, 5 Cheap(ish) Things for Backing Up and Protecting Your Stuff. Although it may not survive a flood, the safe should at least keep out water used to extinguish a fire. It’s not a bookshelf worth of storage space, but it’s more than enough for most basic needs. Measurements: 12.75 by 16.1 by 8.5 inches (LWH)Weight: 27 poundsUL fireproof rating: 30 minutes at 1,550 °F. The SentrySafe Digital Water and Fireproof Safe SFW123GDC has a backlit keypad and interior lighting to make it easy to access your valuables in the dark. On the interior, there are key hooks for keeping your spare keys, plus pockets to hold passports and other documents. We also like its digital keypad (a feature our top pick lacks), which provides a way in without having to worry about keys. The safe can be bolted to the ground for added theft prevention (it weighs at over 60 pounds, so it can be lifted if you’re worried about this). Or, you can bypass the personal code and use the master key and emergency key together (the emergency key access is hidden under the Tigerking logo). We’ve had too many problems with safes from SentrySafe over the years we’ve been working on this guide to be able to recommend any of its products. You can look up access records on the LED screen. Within minutes, the fire was up to about 1,300 °F. The SentrySafe HD2100 and CFW20201 both have the same design flaw. Most people can find good use for a fireproof safe, whether they want to be ready for travel or major financial transactions or just want to add an extra layer of safety for a drive full of treasured photos. We’ve updated this guide to add some document safes that failed to meet our testing criteria. Not only can it keep your documents safe but it’s about as low as you can get in terms of price point. We let it run its course for about half an hour before asking firefighters to put it out with a fire hose. The interior adjustable shelves and one interior drawer make it easier to organize the items you keep in the safe. We should note that this test was not an attempt at total destruction. Phoenix Datacare 2 Hour Key Lock Fireproof Safe. This is right at the bare minimum for fire protection, which means you will likely be covered in an “average” house fire. Waterproof? At a whopping 585 pounds, nobody is taking this safe off of your hands. The safe isn’t tall enough for rifle safe, but just about everything else you might need can (and will) fit inside. SentrySafe told us the company recently had manufacturing problems that could’ve resulted in this issue, and that it has since switched back to their prior system, which should prevent this from happening. Are you looking to protect your documents just from fire, or do you want to protect your documents from theft as well? The 12 Best Fireproof Safes You Can Buy for Important Documents, Phoenix Datacare 2 Hour Key Lock Fireproof Safe, 1. That’s still pretty good, as fires often burn within this temperature range, and firefighters in many areas of the US respond within minutes; if you have this safe, you shouldn’t feel that your stuff is not protected. You’ll love the heavy duty turn handle, which gives it the feel of a secure bank vault. The safe is also fireproof at 1400 degrees for 30 minutes. But these safes can be picked up and stolen without any problem. The lock comes with a preset dial combination (not all too different from the locker combinations you’ve likely used). The. Some points to consider with the safe include: Another one from Hollon, Hollon HS-1400E Fireproof Office Safe comes at a higher price tag. This is the kind of safe you want to get if you like the LED and overall design and look of the safe as the stainless steel does look great against the glossy black. This is the kind that’s heavy and secure but still ready to be lifted and moved if necessary. There is much to consider when picking out the right safe because you’re not only talking about protective features you’re also talking about a price tag. is exactly the kind of safe you should consider. The safe is made from solid steel and has a long-lasting finish. He once had the bright idea to build and burn down a room to test fireproof safes. As we went hands-on with them, some of the safes literally fell apart. The Honeywell 1106 is much more expensive than our budget file folder pick, without the longer fire-resistant benefits of our top file folder safe. I also interviewed John Drengenberg of UL to understand what the certifying body is looking for when it tests safes, and Larry McKenna, a fire protection engineer at the U.S. Fire Administration, who explained how hot fires get and how long they can last. Safes include a variety of locking systems to securely keep belongings out of children’s reach, thieves or protect the home against dangersome valuables. It’s also smaller and lighter—and therefore easier to move around—and less expensive. The internal dimensions of the AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe are 12.5 inches by 9.6 inches by 18.1 inches. If where you live has a sprinkler system, these may kick on at any time during a fire. Measurements: 13.25 by 16.25 by 13 inches (LWH)Weight: 39 poundsUL fireproof rating: 30 minutes at 1,550 °F. In terms of a household or small office safe, this device gives you what you need (as long as you don’t need more space). But the size is worth it because it gives your stuff a greater chance of surviving a disaster. It has everything we want in a safe. There is also a top key compartment within the safe where you can add secondary protection for valuables such as smaller paper documents, keys, jewelry, and other items. These have locks, and you’ll have it the same day. The safe features four-bolt down holes for securing the safe to the floor. It is constructed in a way to prevent smoke damage. At .15 cubic feet, the interior measurements are 9.7 inches by 7.3 inches by 3.8 inches. SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe, 5. Its interior is long enough and wide enough that you’ll be able to fit documents of any standard size, including letter, A4, and legal. There is a secondary locking key to give you dual locking security (this is not an override key but the combination and the key must be used in unison. Taking a few steps to protect your digital and physical belongings now can mean that, even in a terrible situation, you won’t lose the things that have value. The company also promises a “lifetime after-fire replacement guarantee.” If your safe is damaged in a fire at any time, the company will replace it (but, important to note, not the contents) for free with the same or a similar model. This design is perfect for when you have a number of documents and valuables you want to protect without purchasing a much larger safe. Stack-On E-040-SB-E Elite Junior Executive Fire Safe, Stack-On Elite Junior Executive Fire Safe, 11. The 1.25 version has internal measurements of 12 inches by 12 inches by 15 inches (you can use a shelf to partition the middle of the safe, or you can take this out). It’s impossible for him not to mentally catalog any case he sees. The same goes for the Honeywell 1506. The black powder and silver gray finish look excellent, plus the handle is sharp and looks great in any location. The HS-1400E measures 52″ x 27.56″ x 25″ on the outside and 45″ x 20.86″ x 18.11″ on the inside, with plenty of storage for all the important documents. I’ve been a writer at Wirecutter for four years, covering Apple products, accessories, and a plethora of other categories. This is superior to the 30 minutes and 1,550 °F most other safes are rated for, and though it’s not an absolute promise of security, it should keep more of your stuff protected in more situations. We can’t vouch for how burglarproof the lock is, but it is secure enough to not pop open when you don’t want it to, and the latches provide an extra degree of security. The safe locks with a simple key, with latches on either side. But it is a huge hassle to move. You can find entry level safes for well under $100. Buy JUNDUN Fireproof Document Bags, 13.4”x 9.4”Waterproof and Fireproof Money Bag, Fireproof Safe Storage Pouch with Zipper for A4 Document Holder, File, Cash and Tablet: Safe Accessories - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Do you just need room for a folder, or are you storing every draft of the latest novel you’ve been working on? The safe is pry-resistant with six deadbolts built into the design. Everyone should use a password manager. Of course, you may not want to pay this much, which is more than alright. It can burn hotter in some areas and cooler in others, but that’s the average temperature to keep in mind. UL rates the Honeywell 1104 to withstand temperatures of up to 1,700 °F for an hour while keeping the internal temperature under 350 °F. Perfect for small business use where cash is counted daily. The CHW30100, for example, has a locking mechanism installed on a plastic faceplate that you can pry off by hand—without much force, the whole mechanism can pop off in your hands when the safe is open. There are two unlocking options to consider. Instead, before you buy anything, here is what you need to consider. *At the time of publishing, the price was $173. AdirOffice Security Safe with Digital Lock, AdirOffice Security Safe with Digital Lock, 3. The safe is on the smaller side but it is incredibly durable and heavy. Plus, there’s an anchor bolt to bolt it to the floor. It also weighs 75 pounds so it isn’t easily picked up and taken. It is also one of the heaviest safes on the list at 374 pounds, so the chances of anyone stealing the safe without the aid of a mechanical dolly are slim. It can withstand a 2-hour fire of 1850°F (1010°C.). They’re all rated for 30 minutes at 1,550 °F, are built with the same great design, and are relatively affordable. The best fireproof document safe to protect belongings from fire and water is the Honeywell 1104. The safes on this list range from under $50 to over $2,000, but if you’re only protecting Social Security cards and passports, you don’t need to drop a few thousand dollars. His advice: “Get the best [safe] you can afford.” He also noted that modern, petroleum-based furniture burns faster and hotter than traditional wooden furniture. SentrySafe 0500 Fireproof Box with Key Lock, 2. Now, more expensive doesn’t always mean better. The interior dimensions of the safe are 26 2/9 inches by 12 5/9 inches by 12 4/7 inches. Then we filled it with flammable couch cushions, a carpet, cardboard, and some wood, put the safes in, and lit it. It uses a three-way locking chrome bolt construction and is even rated for up to a 30-foot impact. The safes’ fireproof ratings—which we found to be totally accurate last time—and physical build quality determined our recommendations this time. Space and Weight How much room do you need to store your valuables and important documents? It can also be bolted down. *At the time of publishing, the price was $52. To be clear, fireproof safes are not meant to be burglarproof, or to serve as impenetrable time capsules. According to Larry McKenna of the U.S. Fire Administration, a room will remain on fire for about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes if it’s not otherwise put out, and temperatures can reach up to 2,000 °F, so the protection the 1104 offers is worth it if you can afford it.