She has a tendency to poop in her diapers, leaving a foul stench known to disgust her older siblings, and often removes her diaper, forcing her siblings to constantly have to put it back on. Because of this, she often tends to be egocentric, boorish, condescending, and sarcastic with other people. Age regression. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In another alternate universe where everyone is the opposite gender, and Lincoln is a girl, Levi is shown to be caring and honest with Lincoln, like Lisa. Rita Loud (née Reynolds) & Lynn Loud Sr are Lisa's parents. The show follows Lincoln Loud, an 11 year old boy who’s just trying to survive his life as the only boy in a sea full of sisters.TEN of them, to be exact! She is pretty conceited and thinks she's better than everyone else. Age All About Lisa Loud in the Loud House. She can make a time machine but not a PB&J sandwich. For instance, in ", Due to a "nuclear experiment gone wrong," Lisa is bald and has to wear a wig, and also has an extra toe on her right foot. She is often seen working on complex experiments, equations, and formulas. Luan Loud is one of Lincoln Loud's ten sisters and one of the main characters of The Loud House. As seen in "Overnight Success", Lisa not only likes to do experiments on her siblings, but she also likes to do them with people outside of her family. Her swimwear consists of blue goggles, and a green one-piece swimsuit with a horizontal pink line in the middle. While their parents are at work, friendly family deals with various issues. 41 Comments. Rita Loud (mother)Lynn Loud Sr. (father)Lori Loud (oldest sister)Leni Loud (older sister)Luna Loud (older sister)Luan Loud (older sister)Lynn Loud (older sister)Lincoln Loud (older brother)Lucy Loud (older sister)Lana Loud (older sister)Lola Loud (older sister)Lily Loud (younger sister)Shirley (aunt)Unnamed uncleAlbert (maternal grandfather)Unnamed paternal grandfatherUnnamed paternal great-grandfatherHarriet (great-grandmother)Unnamed paternal grandmotherUnnamed maternal grandmotherUnnamed uncleUnnamed cousin She's a good mother who loves her family. I love the confidence that she portrays in this picture. Welcome to the Lisa Loud Wiki! Lisa has a unique personality. She is the tenth born and second to youngest Loud sibling, and is Wheeljack's human partner. She is the fourth-oldest of the Loud children, at 14 years old in seasons 1 through 4, and 15 years old in season 5 onwards. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. She can be slightly evil, but knows right from wrong. Rivals 4-5 (in The Loud House) 5-6 (in The Loudest House!) In the comic "Shocker", Lisa has the ability to understand Lily's babbling. Bien qu'elle soit la deuxième plus jeune des Louds, Lisa est une enfant prodige, donc elle est la plus intelligente du groupe. 4-5 (in The Loud House)5-6 (in The Loudest House! Community. She is highly intelligent and loves to do many science experiments. Beatrice is like Lisa in every aspect: she's the smartest member in the family, and has a lateral lisp. // Zur Freude der Kinder kauft Dad endlich einen neuen Van. Reden Sie mit Lisa Loud online genau in diesem Moment. According to some information from The Loud House on Instagram: She wants to travel to Alaska in the summertime for 24 hour daylight research. She is a dental hygienist who balances family, work, and writing a novel. Family She is also really devious and likes to scheme a lot. She has a habit of giving the scientific name of an event or object, then calling it by its "street name". Age Start listening now! I saw that AgentAlchemistCookie drew Lisa at the age of 17, and I decided to have my take on it! Voice-wise, yes, but in terms of vocabulary, syntax, and diction, Lola sounds a little wiser than a typical six-year-old - that's what I meant when I said Lucy could be given a little leeway when you consider she's incredibly literate for an eight-year-old. Sendezeit: 18:20 - 18:30, 21.01.2021 Genre: Zeichentrickserie, Staffel 2 - Episode 5 85% gefällt diese Sendung; USA (2016) Lisa kommt in Lincolns Klasse. Lisa is a very smart girl. OMG SHE LOOKS CUTE!! Lisa Loud: Lisa may only be 4 years old, but she’s smarter than everyone else in her family. ", she is shown to be very manipulative, as she manipulated an innocent girl named Darcy Helmandollar into befriending her just to get an "A" in social skills. The version of her with the blue sweater also had dark red hair. Lara Jill Miller Elle n'est pas aussi excitée que ses frères et soeurs, bien que parfois elle devienne dans cet état quand quelque chose de vraiment bie… As seen in ", Lisa does not always get permission for her experiments. In "Potty Mouth", it is shown Lisa likes rap/hip-hop music, as she is seen listening and singing along to it with a pair of headphones. Goal Es ist sehr interessant und macht Spaß. Explore what really makes Lisa tick! Lisa loves helping out with her siblings’ homework assignments and pointing out all the scientific flaws in their pillow forts. Lisa Loud (Age 14) Aug 17, 2017 - More older versions of the Loud House characters with this one being the child prodigy Lisa. The robot is silver and runs on a track. Lara Jill Miller lisa loud Nährwertangaben und Nährwertinformationen. Lisa (c) … Lisa's turtleneck sweater was originally cyan-blue before being changed to green in development. This proves that Lisa isn't a complete no nonsense person and can loosen up and act her age. Lisa Halloween costume 2018 (a mad scientist), Lisa Halloween costume 2019 (Moonstone Cassandra). I saw that AgentAlchemistCookie drew Lisa at the age of 17, and I decided to have my take on it! She can frequently forget crucial ingredients to her various experiments, which can lead to devastating, though hilarious, outcomes. Lincoln - 54 inches tall (4'6") Lincoln is pretty short for his age, somewhere around the 10th percentile. Rita is a caring mother. "Potty Mouth" reveals that she is actually bald and toothless due to her experiments. Where will this interactive story go? Lisa can sometimes be very immature and disgusting. My AU where the Louds are 13 years older than now. Despite this, when Darcy felt bad after discovering Lisa's ulterior motives, Lisa felt guilty, showing that she does not manipulate people out of ill intent. Go Back... Chapter 6 Age progression. She also wears a red sports helmet and black glasses. I hope she doesn't mind this at all! When she was a baby, she kept her used diapers. Enjoy! Friends You now have these choices: 1. © 2020 AgentAlchemistCookie. Oh, being the residence genius is both a blessing and a curse, though I believe in neither. Full name 1 like. Lisa Loud is without doubt the "The first lady of dance music", with a phenomenal career that has spanned 15 years, Lisa is widely revered and admired as one of the UK's top female DJ's. She also likes to study the poop and bathroom habits of her siblings, something they all find gross and annoying. Charles (dog)Cliff (cat)Geo (hamster)Walt (canary)Subject 57A (rat)Watterson (dog, temporarily)Goldie (deceased goldfish)Trashy (pile of trash) Find the perfect Lisa Loud stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Image size. Birthdate She has large yellow eyes, grey arms and fingers, a little blue door on her belly, a large head, red markings on her body, and an antenna with a red light on top. Lori is tall, with her hair cut to the top of her shoulders. Die Zwillinge Lisa und Lena Mantler (* 17. As seen in "Party Down", Lisa appears to have a fun side, as she gets what appears to be a sugar high from having too much chocolate from a chocolate fountain. Lily has a habit of crying. Join Facebook to connect with Lisa Loud and others you may know. She's like "I'm awesome and I know it." This means that Lisa, Lincoln, and Luan are the only ones who can understand Lily's babbling. Lana Loud: 4 years old . Lisa and Lena Mantler (born 17 June 2002), are identical twins from Stuttgart, Germany. However, the info about Lisa's hair and feet has been contradicted a few times in previous episodes, such as "Room with a Feud", when she is scratching her head, only to have her hair fall off, as if it was attached to her. Her experiments being stoppedHer experiments going wrongLuna's singing (when destroying her experiments)Luan's puns and pranksLincoln being bulliedKeeping secretsMaking up liesPrincess PonyLoud music (sometimes)Dylan Cornheiser trying to hold her handDangers of car travelA salad bar running out of croutonsBitersLynn being competitiveLuna interrupting her with her trumpetLies (sometimes)Socializing (formerly)Being interruptedLola's bratty behaviorGetting F'sDarebot (formerly)Going to bed alone She is not as easily-excited as her siblings, although sometimes she becomes excited when something really good happens, like when she and the other sisters discover Lincoln's romantic situation in "Heavy Meddle". Character information Select from premium Lisa Loud of the highest quality. I hope she doesn't mind this at all! Lisa She speaks with a lateral lisp, and usually has a stoic frown, though she does smile from time to time. The Loud sisters were excited about the news that they were getting a Brother. Later, she helped the mermaid version of Lori by building a waterwheel for the mermaid to charge her phone with. Lola Loud is a main character in Transformers Loud. Which age experiment shall I perform on Lincoln? He is also harsh towards Lynn Sr., as the boys dog-pile him whenever they see him. She wears a green turtleneck sweater, dark pink pants, and brown shoes with no socks, all of which droop down to illustrate her stoic demeanor. In addition, she has an extra toe on her right foot. Though easily the most mature of her siblings, she can also be quite mischievous and sneaky. Lisa Loud Age Evolution. Unlike Lisa however, Levi is shown to be harsh and uncaring towards Lincoln, as shown when the boys mock him after Luke (Luna) uses him to clean the bathroom, laughing at him when Leon bit his thumb when he got a "boo boo", and teasing him over going on a date with Ronnie Anne. He also plays keep-away with the time watch his female counterpart made to send Lincoln home. Though she is still in kindergarten, she is exceedingly smarter than the other kids her age, nonetheless, that she can move up at least six grades. See more of Lisa Loud on Facebook 2. One of Chris Savino's five sisters[1] 860 likes. Perhaps she's been sleeping from the ceiling and unintentionally stretched out her spine. <3 uwu. The sixth born and only male sibling in the Loud Family, he spends his time coming up with schemes to do activities behind his sisters' backs. [Source], Lancy (by herself)Chatty Cathy (by Flip)Lis (by Luna, Lincoln, Lola, Luan, and Lana)L-Dog (by Zach, Rusty, Liam, and Lynn)Dude (by Luna)Ms. Smarty Pants (by Lincoln)Sweetie (by Ms. Shrinivas and Cheryl)Sa Sa (by Lily)Reading, Giraffe, Book, and Cat twin (by Darcy)Sis (by Lincoln, Lana, and Luna)Brain Box (Luna)Lily (by Dr. Shuttleworth)Lily-Wily (by Lincoln pretending she is Lily)The Genius[4]Little genius (by Lynn Sr.)Half-pint (by Flip), Rita Loud (mother)Lynn Loud Sr. (father)Lori Loud (oldest sister)Leni Loud (older sister)Luna Loud (older sister)Luan Loud (older sister)Lynn Loud (older sister)Lincoln Loud (older brother)Lucy Loud (older sister)Lana Loud (older sister)Lola Loud (older sister)Lily Loud (younger sister)Shirley (aunt)Unnamed uncleAlbert (maternal grandfather)Unnamed paternal grandfatherUnnamed paternal great-grandfatherHarriet (great-grandmother)Unnamed paternal grandmotherUnnamed maternal grandmotherUnnamed uncleUnnamed cousin, Lily (roommate)LincolnLunaClydeTrashy (formerly)LiamZachRustyHer family and siblingsDavidDarcy (friend)The Santiago FamilyThe Casagrande FamilyDareBotToddMr. 14-18 (in Lisa Loud: The High School Years), Matthew (great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather), Lance Strongbow (great, great, great, great, great grandfather). Willkommen bei den Louds, Die Verwandlung der Lisa Loud / Ohne Van und aber. She commonly torments her siblings and Darcy, but she still loves her siblings very much. SciencePerforming experimentsSolving math equationsHelping with homeworkFecal (poop) studiesUrine samplesBrain wave studiesOpera musicFried eggsMac and cheese bitesMeatloafLincoln's crustless PB&J sandwichesBurpin' BurgerPlaying with foodFood fightsDairylandChocolateDream BoatBingoCookiesHughMarshmallowsVichyssoiseCatsRaspberry flippeesPizzaChocolate cakeIce creamPopcornRap/Hip-Hop musicKelp leatherGetting A'sBedtime stories Published: Mar 5, 2020. au age17 theloudhouse lisaloud theloudhousefanart. Lisa is also completely willing to join in the madness caused by her siblings, whether it be disputes over money, the "sweet spot," or just playing along. Main article: Lisa Loud/Gallery/Season 1 Main article: Lisa Loud/Gallery/Season 2 Main article: Lisa Loud/Gallery/Season 3 Main article: Lisa Loud/Gallery/Season 4 Main article: Lisa Loud/Gallery/Season 5 Click "expand" for full gallery Add a photo … 6-7 (currently) 14-18 (in Lisa Loud: The High School Years) 34-35 (in Loud House: Next Generation) Lisa Loud[2][3] Nonetheless, she likes to be with her siblings and have fun with them, even if she doesn't express it. Her Polish name is Halszka, with the nickname "Hala.". Levi eventually ceases to exist, when it is revealed Lincoln's whole adventure with the boys was just a really strange dream he was having. Just click the "Edit page" button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Biography submission guide. In "Left in the Dark", she creates an Oreo shaped cookie called "Gloweos" with the infused DNA of a jellyfish, and if someone ate it, all of his/her body would glow. In many episodes, she can be seen working on strange experiments. Lisa Loud Age: 9 11of12 If it wasn't obvious that she likes science. The robot Lisa is usually quite small, but she has the ability to grow larger. This almost took me an hour to make. Voice Lisa Loud. coloredpencil nickelodeon tlh theloudhouse lisaloud. Where will this interactive story go? Certainly. She wears blue eyeshadow, a blue tank top, brown shorts, and blue shoes,. A cause de cela, elle a souvent tendance à être égocentrique, grossière, condescendante et sarcastique avec les autres. For a long time it was thought that Lisa was the first Loud sibling to have their middle name revealed, in ", Lisa does not use the bathroom, because it steals time away from her experiments, and instead uses. She also wears big thick black glasses. Lisa attends kindergarten at Royal Woods Elementary School.