Deputy Commissioner (popularly abbreviated as "DC") or District Magistrate is a chief administrative, revenue officer and representative of government in district or an administrative sub-unit of a division. They are the same “those with the highest merit who joined the PAS"... and look what have they done to these state institutions. This will be a retrogressive step as state and ground realities have changed enormously and bringing in old system can't cope with the challenges of modern era. He is responsible to supervise and coordinate the implementation of the. [2] They performed their duties under the supervision of a divisional commissioner. Punjab is a glaring example. A judicial magistrate on Wednesday invoked offence of rape against the main suspect in a case pertaining to the alleged underage marriage of Arzoo. A mster piece it is which defines the true pinpointing of the problem of bad governance. The system was abolished: We are already crying for more provinces/smaller administrative units. Why elected local government in charge of local services were a bad idea and led to sudden deterioration in the state's writ? In 2007, the government of Pakistan established District Consumer Court in 11 districts for providing the justice to the consumers. Abdul Nasir Gill ... Respondents ... of the Constitution. Deputy Commissioner (DC) for a larger district 4. It is also alleged that the DC/DM is a relic of the ‘colonial’ era, again forgetting that the railways still runs under the Railway Act, 1890, the provincial irrigation departments under the Canal & Drainage Act, 1873, and the army under the Army Act, 1952, only marginally updated from the Army Act, 1911. (i) by a certificate of domicile issued by a District Magistrate in Pakistan, unless the applicant is exempted by the proviso to section 8 of the Act, or (ii) where he has been unable to obtain certificate, by a statement on oath explaining why he claims exemption from producing it. ... experience as an advocate of a High Court or 10 years service as a civil servant including 3 years experience as a District Judge or 10 years experience in a judicial office. With police out of local govt control and no judicial magistrates at local level or courts, the system was bound to fail. While most dictators have used local bodies to claim legitimacy, Musharraf went a step further and tinkered with the functions of the state and abolished the office of district magistrate. Reverting back to old system would also be a mistake. The nearest city is Lahore, the second largest city in Pakistan… The age limit for the general category is kept from 21 years to 30 years.The age limit for the OBC category is kept from 21 years to 33 years with a relaxation of 3 years. We do not need the colonial imposed DM system. However, following the Supreme Court's judgement in the Al-Jehad Trust case, the government's role in judicial appointments was curtailed. Musharraf's devolution plan was for executive powers only, not for Judicial powers. You can't plant a government functionary,say from Karachi, in a small town like Kohat without taking the views of the locals on-board.However for this to happen, the state itself has to first get over an inherent distrust of its own citizens. This is a very weak argument that we should continue with the past system of governance at district level because it is being practiced in another service especially when the results in both services are abysmal to the core. Age to Become a District Magistrate (DM) There is a different age limit for each category to become a District Judge. Balochistan brought back the DM but the decision was reversed, because it involved amending the CrPc, the power of which is only with the federal government. 2. Celebrity activism is a misnomer in Pakistan. He is responsible to support and facilitate the offices and public facilities in the district. We need a depoliticized police with an external oversight by civil society. These Highest Merit Winners have destroyed social sector especially Health, Education, Water & Sanitation. The Judiciary of Pakistan is a hierarchical system with two classes of courts: the superior judiciary and the subordinate judiciary. If you have cash as a cashier, you have no authority to spend without permission of accounts officer who has no cash in hand but pen. For a moment forget the issue of law and order and have a larger view of governance. DC system had outlived its relevance. Musharraf govt was never serious about creating good governance but more about having federal control at district level. The judiciary consists of the Supreme Court, the provincial high courts, and (under their jurisdiction and supervision) district courts that hear civil cases and sessions courts that hear criminal cases. A magistrate is a civil servant who manages the law in a particular area, i.e. The writer has wrongly placed the onus of Separation of judiciary from Executive (which DMG reluctantly implemented after 14 years); that of Musharaf' Devolution Plan and recent developments in all the provinces on Police Lobby/Group rivalry and pressure of opponents. But during the Presidency of Pervaz Musharraf, the office of deputy commissioner was replaced with District Coordination Officer (DCO). Bonded Labour System (Abolition)Act, 1992 - PAKISTAN LAWYER Under preventive powers, the magistrate could rein in crooks and criminals, without having to resort to cumbersome procedures or preventive arrests of budding extremists. The DC was performing four functions: The writ of government continues to be in free fall, despite the recommendations of numerous commissions to secure it. Deputy Commissioner (popularly abbreviated as "DC") or District Magistrate is a chief administrative, revenue officer and representative of government in district or an administrative sub-unit of a division. This page was last edited on 13 January 2021, at 16:30. Those with the highest merit join the Pakistan Administrative Service, while the next in merit join the Police Service of Pakistan. Sir George Campbell, lieutenant-governor of Bengal from 1871-1874, intended "to render the heads of districts no longer the drudges of many departments and masters of none, but in fact the general controlling authority over all departments in each district. In USA & UK all power rests with local government .Even police is subordinate to Mayor/District Manager .Plus PAS cadre not need to allege Judicial cadre .Uptill now PAS is successful to get all its powers previously allocated to local govt elected representatives.Writ of government can only be established by involving people by decentralisation ,devolution , & disbursement of resources .My strong discourse in this regard is in all insurgent areas after establishing writ of government ,authorities did utmost efforts to involve people in admin affairs . What we need is executive energy by eliminating ill administrative evil. You elect your Mayor and all administrative agencies work under him, but not judiciary/magistrates. If not addressed properly the nation will continue to suffer with weak writ of the goverment. The jurisdiction of these courts in Pakistan is explained in civil as well as criminal procedure code. India has approximately 718 districts. If DM was the solution AJK, GB and ICT should have been very peaceful. 5. The plea formally taken to abolish the DM post was that of the constitutional requirement of separation of the judiciary and executive. The consumer can file a complaint when he/she find any inconsistency in the purchase products from shopkeepers, … However, they … It is a story of endless shame in terms of corruption and inefficiency. All that is no more, as the police only acts after an event and the judiciary is overwhelmed with case pendency. 3. 70% of the crime against person registered by police has its roots in the failings/abuse of the revenue authorities. [3][4][5], The district continued to be the unit of administration after Indian Partition and independence of Pakistan in 1947. The same mentality of colonial era; that obviously impeded Pakistan growth. Why? The role of executive, district magistrate The sprout of good governance hinges on a pedestal supported by the district administration. I will not comment on DC' role as a District Collector of Revenues. The main Criminal Courts in Pakistan are: 1. The abolition of the post of DC/DM is part of the saga of rivalries between two service groups of officers inducted through the civil service exam. 2. As district magistrate, he exercised general supervision over the inferior courts and in particular, directed the police work.