People who believe that the Southern Hound was bred from French breeds believe that the Southern Hound was originated sometime between the 1200’s to 1400’s. The breed was a tall, heavy dog but was a slow breed, so it is thought that the popularity of shorter and faster hunters caused the breed to go extinct. This meant that hunting was less frequently done than before. They had a longer tail that would often be held up while they were following a trail and were also known to be quite muscular. Hunting dogs are categorized into hounds, gun dogs, feists, terriers and curs. A lot also make good pets provided they are well exercised. Bloodhound. All Rights Reserved. Some of the breeds have more than one of these talents. Contents & Graphics Copyright © Dog Breed Info Center® (C) 1998- var date = new Date(); document.write(date.getFullYear()); . There was a Northern Hound that looked similarly to the Southern Hound … Our goal is to provide first-class care for your best friend with a fun, comfortable, stress-free experience during his or her stay. The breed was the most traditional and possibly oldest of the British scent hound breeds, and is thought to have figured prominently in the development of all that followed it. Among the Indian breeds, Mudhol hound and Himachali hound are of excellent pedigree. In his The Dog, in Health and Disease in 1859, "Stonehenge" (the pen name of John Henry Walsh, editor of The Field) magazine says the two breeds could be differentiated by the large dewlap present in the Southern Hound, but the illustration of the Southern Hound in the same book lacks this detail. is south Georgia’s finest dog boarding facility. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Dog breeds. Once the trail was followed to the end, the animals, usually deer, were either shot with an arrow or hunted and killed by the Southern Hound. This theory suggests that they were bred and became there own breed around the year 1100 A.D., maybe earlier. [3], The Southern Hound seems to have fallen out of favour during the 18th century as the fashion for shorter hunts led to the development of the faster Foxhound. Many of the modern hound breeds are believed to have Southern Hound blood: Beagles, Harriers, Foxhounds, Coonhounds and Bloodhounds among others. We do not know any of this for sure, however it is said that the last reports of a Southern Hound alive was in 1881. : People have carefully bred dogs for thousands of years. During their hunts, they would bring along packs of hounds that would ride alongside their horses. The Southern Hound was a breed of dog that existed in Britain probably until sometime in the 19th century. Southern hound oli muinoin suosittu kaikkialla Englannissa, ja sitä käytettiin ennen kaikkea hirven metsästykseen. There are people who also believe that the Southern Hound was actually the original scent hound in Britain. How far the Talbot, Northern Hound and Southern Hound were intermixed is impossible to ascertain: authors writing in the mid-19th century were already having difficulty distinguishing between the three breeds. While once a popular hunting dog, the Southern Hound, originating in Great Britain, is now extinct. The hound breeds were the first hunting dogs. This dog from Belgium is one of the oldest hound breeds in the world, and can become noisy when bored. The Southern Hound was a breed of scent hound native to England. Most of these scent hounds were probably North Country Beagles while others were mixed breeds. After following a trail for hours, they would also hunt down the animal meaning that they were able to show aggression toward other animals. Hound dogs were bred to hunt and while many famously come from France, all countries have there own version of one or more likely several types of hound dogs. If the dog population of America was one giant high … Both mysteries are still being debated to this day. They mixed the Southern Hound with the North Country Beagle along with other breeds such as Greyhounds, Bulldogs, Terriers, and Collies. They probably needed a long walk daily if they were not working, like most other dogs. A dog breed is a particular strain or dog type that was purposefully bred by humans to perform specific tasks, such as herding, hunting, and guarding. La fecha exacta de su extinción no se conoce; es probable que se mezclaran gradualmente con otras razas hasta que la auténtica línea de sangre Sur Hound … Red foxes were now seen as vermin as they would destroy crops, hunt farmers lamb, steal eggs, harm the horses and cattle, and kill chickens. The origins of the Southern Hound are equally unclear. It is unclear whether this is true although the Southern Hound was said to resemble the same hunting dogs that were Britain's main trade at the time. The exact date of its extinction is not known; it is likely that it was gradually interbred with other breeds until the genuine Southern Hound bloodline ceased to exist.The origins of the Southern Hound … During Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s monthly Mann ki Baat radio address on Sunday, August 30th, he encouraged Indians to adopt Indian breeds if planning for pets. 38 talking about this. The Southern Hound was a breed of dog that existed in Britain probably until sometime in the 19th century. What we don’t know is when this breed was developed and how this breed was developed. France was known for their prime hunting dogs, especially the dogs that were created and kept by the monks. [4], The famous bloodhound breeder Edwin Brough reported that in 1881 he used a pure bred Southern Hound, "Clara", like the one pictured in this article as a cross to his bloodhounds, and this outcross was bred on into the modern population of bloodhounds.[5]. There is a great deal of diversity, both temperamental and physical, within this group, a history of hunting assistance often being the only common bond among some of the hound breeds. It had a deep chest, a long bony body and a deep melodious voice. Though the Southern Hound no longer purely lives, many bloodlines can be seen in other breeds such as Beagles, Harriers, Foxhounds, Coonhounds and Bloodhounds, among others. Origin: Britain: Breed status: Extinct: Dog (domestic dog): The Southern Hound was a breed of dog that existed in Britain probably until sometime in the 19th century, now extinct. [3], It was still common south of the River Trent in the 18th century. The nobility would soon make this sport their own although Southern Hounds were not well equipped for the job. This continues today, resulting in hundreds of dog breeds, some that are similar to each other, and others that are very different. A large dewlap of extra skin formed on their chest along with extra skin around their back although there were no obvious wrinkles. There is no proof of this so we will never know for sure. Basset Hound Breeders. The Miniature Basset Hound The miniature Basset Hound is a smaller version of the well-known dog breed the Basset Hound. Kun ketun metsästyksestä tuli 1700-luvun lopulla hirven metsästystä suositumpaa, sille ei enää ollut käyttöä. This would mean that the Southern hound had been around before the Norman Invasion and before the Roman Empire in 43 A.D. They were thick boned and an average of 25 inches tall. We do know that the Southern Hound was bred in Wales and Southern England. Originally called the English Coonhound, this dog from Louisiana in the USA is alert and not aggressive by nature. Hound dogs are some of the most popular pups to own in America.According to the AKC, beagle hounds, one of the best-recognized hound breeds, are the 6th most popular breed in America. Their snout was long and they had wide, thick skinned ears that would fall at the side of their head. Most writers suggest that it is derived from the Talbot, which was a predominantly white, slow, deep-throated, scent hound, also of uncertain origin, though it is sometimes claimed that it came from Normandy. Through this breeding, the nobility came up with the English Foxhound which began to replace both the North Country Beagle and the Southern Hound. As of 2017 (the most recent year for which complete data is available), here are the results. There are no records showing whether this dog had health issues. It was called the Southern Hound because it originated from the southern half of Great Britain, where most of its population lived. Through this breeding, the nobility came up with the English Foxhound which began to replace both the North Country Beagle and the Southern Hound. The Southern Hound was a popular breed long before records were kept of it, making it uncertain where its ancestry originated from. (In further lines, you will also find information on hound mixes) So, here you go, without wasting a second. We are committed to providing comfortable stress free boarding with ample play and interaction with our professional staff. They were mostly relaxed dogs that moved at a slower pace than other scent hounds. Muinaiset britit käyttivät sitä kuitenkin ylipäänsä suurriistan metsästykseen. Youatt wrote that there were still packs in use in Devon in the 19th century and that the Southern Hound was sometimes used in conjunction with Foxhound packs to help pick up the cold trail when the pack lost the scent. Dogs are the most variable mammal on earth, with artificial selection producing around 450 globally recognized dog breeds. We offer group and individual play sessions throughout the day to meet our guests’ social and activity needs. Our magazine will be dedicated to the tradition and heritage of hunting with hounds. This breed was widely common and favored in the southern part of the River Trent. These dogs had a short coat and probably only needed to be brushed and bathed when necessary. Dog Breeds; Hound Group; Back To Dog Breeds. [2], The Southern Hound was a tall, heavy dog with a square head, and long ears. Hound Dog Breeds: In this section, you will find different hound breeds with respect to their sizes, physical attributes, and traits that make them must-to-adopt dogs. While there are many theories of where this dog came from, the most popular is that they were brought to England in 1066 by the Norman armies. While some say that the Talbot was simply a white Bloodhound, others claim that it was its own special breed. They mixed the Southern Hound with the North Country Beagle along with other breeds such as Greyhounds, Bulldogs, Terriers, and Collies. Whether your hounds chase big or small game we will have something for each of you. New crops were being imported meaning more land was being farmed and less land was being used as hunting land. During the Renaissance, only the wealthy in the nobility were able to afford hunting dogs, not to mention it was illegal for the lower class to own them as well. We offer luxury boarding accommodations that are comparable to none. Many poor farmers only owned one or two Southern Hounds although in the 1500’s farmers began to come together and keep packs as large as 10–20 scent hounds. This was a faster dog but probably lacked the delicate nose of the Southern Hound. This dog was a loyal scent hound that found enjoyment in following a scent trail for long periods of time without becoming bored. This dog was most likely used by the nobility from the 13th–17th century, up until the economy, environment, and government changed drastically. Instead, they began breeding the Southern Hound with other dogs to create a variety breeds. The Northern Hound, also known as the North Country Beagle, had no dewlap of skin, was taller, thinner, and had a more chipper voice than the Southern Hound. The Talbot was probably how the Southern Hound received its popular base coat of white. The Norman armies were related to the Vikings and had made their way to Northern France and eventually stayed there. The Southern Hound was known to have the best nose to sniff out trails other than the famous Bloodhound. By the 1700’s, the Southern Hound became extremely rare to find. Besides creating more English Foxhounds, they also created the Otterhound by breeding the Southern Hound with Terriers and Griffons. They can be found at Welcome to Southern Hound Hunting! Borzoi Each year, the American Kennel Club identifies the most popular dog breeds, as pinpointed by annual adoption figures. The Southern Hound Club is South Georgia's premier dog boarding and doggy daycare facility. Their long drop ears would have needed to be kept clean. Often they were known to become so excited by the scent trail that they would wag their tail and lick the ground. They probably needed to be taken on long walks when not activly working and needed a larger space to live. They are further broken down into scent, sight and tracking dogs. Southern Hound information including pictures, training, behavior, and care of Southern Hound and dog breed mixes. We also know that this breed was popular during the Renaissance period. Some believe the Southern Hound became extinct before the 1800’s. Apart from their hunting skills, most hounds make excellent pets. Southern Hound Playground is a dog boarding and training facility in Hammond, LA. This dog was used as a hunting dog by both the nobility and farmers therefore they probably needed a large open space to run and explore. The exact date of its extinction is not known; it is likely that it was gradually interbred with other breeds until the genuine Southern Hound bloodline ceased to exist. These changes did however make it easier for the red foxes to grow in population. These dogs probably needed a space to explore and sniff although they were also known for being lazy and slow. El perro meridional (Southern hound) era una raza de perro que existía en Gran Bretaña probablemente hasta algún momento en el siglo XIX. There is also a theory that combines the last two theories above. The Southern Hound was soon no longer needed as a purebred. Others say that they resembled little to nothing of the hunting dogs back then and instead that they were actually Terriers or Spaniels. Hounds are the original hunting dogs, many pre-dating the gun-assisting hunters in their sporting group. The Normans brought several british dogs to England including the Bloodhound, Talbot, and the Grand Bleu de Gascogne. They were known to walk very slowly while following the trail although this wasn’t a problem for the nobility as they could easily follow on horseback. 504-598 1st Avenue Clanton Alabama 35045 US (205) 217-3018 (205) 217-3018. They had a broad chest and a barrel like ribcage. Further north the North Country Beagle or Northern Hound was favoured. “I have been told that Indian breed dogs are very good and capable. They were able to follow a trail that was days old and be able to follow it for hours or even days without tiring., Dog breeds originating in the United Kingdom, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 January 2021, at 23:02. The Southern Hound was a breed of dog that existed in Britain probably until sometime in the 19th century. Davis' Southern Bassets. Breeders mixed in some English Foxhound along with a few other hound breeds to develop a high-endurance and meticulous hunter with a “cold nose ... and they are still fixtures in Southern culture. There are three types of hound, with several breeds within each type: Sighthounds (also called gazehounds) follow prey predominantly by speed, keeping it in sight. Hound Dog Breeds Home » Dog Categories » Hound Dog Breeds . The exact date of its extinction is not known; it is likely that it was gradually interbred with other breeds until the genuine Southern Hound bloodline ceased to exist. This is a list of breeds that are often still used for hunting today. Laid back and often stubborn, this dog comes from Southern USA and was used to hunt racoons. Similar breeds at the time include the Northern Hound and the Talbot. Helping the houndsmen protect their investment There are no records for how large their litter size was. It has a life span of 10 to 12 years and is also called the Greek Hound or the Hellenikos Ichnilatis. They would walk in a way that made them look like they were wobbling and their legs would often appear bent because of this. The Southern Hound Club. Bluetick Coonhound. The population of deer, boar, and other game that was frequently hunted was now smaller than it ever was before. Southern Hound (illustration from The Dog 1852). [1] However, in The Dog published in 1852, William Youatt states that the Southern Hound may have existed in Britain since ancient times rather than being brought from France by the Normans. There are no records for how long the Southern Hound lived. If you are wanting 'nothing but a hound dog' here is a selection of hound dog breeds for you to look through. The Southern Hound was a large breed and was known to appear as a mixture of both a bloodhound and an English Foxhound. Because the red fox were now compared to rats and other vermin, the red fox was not hunted by the nobility until the 1500’s. A hound is a type of hunting dog used by hunters to track or chase prey. They came in a variety of colors including the famous tricolored patterns of Beagles along with a number of mixed colors of black, browns, tans, white, etc. When distinguishing breed from type, the rule of thumb is that a breed always "breeds true". Since the Southern Hound was too slow for hunting fox, the nobility began using other dogs that were more suited for fox hunts. Since the red foxes were a huge problem for the farmers, they began to illegally keep scent hounds such as the Southern Hound in order to get rid of the pesky vermin. They were pack dogs and had a low level of aggression toward other dogs. The Southern Hound was soon no longer needed as a purebred. This included the Southern Hound. The exact date of its extinction is not known; it is likely that it was gradually interbred with other breeds until the genuine Southern Hound bloodline ceased to exist. Meet this energetic, playful breed! Our vision for the magazine includes four quarterly issues, all in full color. [2] Some were employed in Wales on polecat hunts (that could last several days), and they appear to have been used to hunt otter before being employed as breeding stock for the development of the Otterhound.