Definitely not Mumen Rider. Why does it exist? The rediculous amount of protective gear he is wearing is actually to hide his identity. The first is Mumen Rider is his own character. Blast is likely to be King Orochi which was mutated by Psykos in his defeat. Despite knowing that he is no match for some of the dangers he faces, he continues to strive further. Mumen Rider, Class C Rank 1 hero, has a similar appearance to the Class S Rank 1 hero, Blast. Theory: Mumen Rider was Blast. I don't even know why people care about Blast so much. More notes inside. He even decided to treat him with ramen. Mumen Rider . 4 years ago. Seeing all these dumb Blast theories makes me lose my mind. #OnePunchMan #Blast #Mumenrider #2season #Garou #Saitama. He introduced himself and says that he will stop them. He wears a green helmer with dark shades and underneathis short brown hair and another pair of glasses. Must a requirement be met? yea he isn't, in one of the omake Mumen is shown to be Saitama's classmate. VSRulesMumen Rider is morals on and is fully determined to beat Joker. -Mumen rider may have lost his powers somehow and it was passed on to saitama. He doesn't resemble either Saitama's or Mumen rider's body. Shop high-quality unique Mumen Rider T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. Can we please, please, please, pleeeeaaaase have a stickied thread about stupid Blast theories that have been posted and debunked a million times? Is Blast Mumen Rider?! Satoru (サトル), Ch. Blast is a middle-aged man with a muscular build. ONE literally refuses to kill them both because he cannot bring himself to do it, and because it would have to hold a lot of meaning and that would shift the tone of the narrative, which no one wants. He wears an armored suit, with brown armor covering his torso and shoulders. How far can you run? But I do hope he survives till the end of the whole series. There is literally no precedent in the story indicating that people can pass down powers, which would be a very big thing with a high narrative importance if it were actually true. -Yes, he is as old as saitama. He just seems so uninteresting. They never reveal mumen's entire face Too like, there's always something that covers it like his goggles and eyeglass. Taking away his effort to introduce such a niche concept makes no sense at all. Check the sidebar for information! Oh I was just wondering about Mumen Rider. I wasn't concerned or interested about Blast. He's seen usually wearing a light brown armored suit that covers his entie torso and shoulders. Mumen Rider is one of the only heros that respects/acknowledge saitama and actually knows its him saving the city from monsters. Every month there are lots and lots of Blasts' theories that seem to never end, each one more crazy and convoluted than the last. Yeah right. Anything beyond that utter speculation. He has a strong sense of justice and will fight all who threaten the peace, even if they outclass him, including the Sea King and Garou. He runs or pedals in to save the day, even though he has no special abilities. Mumen Rider | License-less Rider/Reader; Angst; Fluff; Eventual Smut; Action/Adventure; Drama & Romance; Tragedy/Comedy; Summary. By any chance did the transfer happen by Blast having Saitama eat a strand of his hair? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Before being stopped by the weight of your guilt. Hey what's up peeps, in today's video I play the infamous new ONE PUNCH MAN A HERO NOBODY KNOWS! He is a typical Crusader, given his presence at every scene of action, irrespective of how dangerous it can be for a C-Class like himself. Blast (One-Punch Man) Fubuki (One-Punch Man) Lord Boros (One-Punch Man) Mumen Rider | License-less Rider; King (One-Punch Man) Sonic (One-Punch Man) Original Characters; Original Female Character(s) Genos (One-Punch Man) Zombieman (One-Punch Man) Puri Puri Prisoner (One-Punch Man) Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics; Fantasy; Free Verse; free writing; epsilon!Saitama; Misunderstandings; … 3 years ago. He did not show himself for the Boros invasion because no-one even knew of Boros' existence. "I am glad to see you and your group Mumen, but of course Fubuki and her friends have to be here too…ugh, I guess I shouldn't be surprised." A hand clenching the stomach with a ferocious grip, my lungs no longer able to function, and numb legs that move with the absence of thought. Hopefully Mumen Rider was stupid. For instance, he charges into battle with the Deep Sea King, a monster who effortlessly pummeled the likes of Genos. if you see Blast’s appearance in the webcomic, his hair seems to be similar to our hero Mumen Rider. Also wrong as Mumen is around the same age as Saitama I believe and blast is confirmed to be older. Mumen didn't see Saitama kill Sea King, he just knows that Saitama is a good dude that worked his way to the top and deserved some ramen. Good to know that Blast is still alive ;). Why must it be passed down? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The same spiky hair, which is a similarity that they share. He resembles the hometown hero, or some could even say the “ideal hero”. Mumen Rider, or Satoru, is the only hero who seems to care about honor. No, for a number of reasons. First off is the issue with Elder Centipede, he only severely wounded him. Like time travel, such a key element can't simply appear out of the blue; some foundations must be set first. He even decided to treat him with ramen. That would mean mumen rider (blast) is being kind of selfish because he was putting his idea of "fun" first instead of defeating DSK and saving the citizens. It shows that not all heroes are strong and resilient to deathly attacks. Fubuki and Mumen Rider spearheaded the group, tiptoeing their way around piles of rubble and glass before making it to the edge of the desert where everyone else stood. 131, also known by his hero name Mumen Rider (無免ライダー, Mumen Raidā), initially listed as Class-C, Rank 1 is a bicycle-riding hero. Mumen Rider is one of the only heros that respects/acknowledge saitama and actually knows its him saving the city from monsters. The general consensus, which has been thoroughly debated and agreed on by the masses, is that Blast is his own character; he is not related to anyone in the cast whatsoever and nobody knows shit about how strong he exactly is. -Another thing i noticed, he always manages to survive attacks from these deadly monsters who should be able to kill him with 1 flick. One-Punch Man Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. (citation needed to confirm truth) It is the closet when Murta and One crossover the manga x webtoon creation. Mumen Rider is the suppose to be the guy that stands up against evil even though he knows he'll lose because it is … His appearance seems to reassure the nearby citizens to some extent, however, he is … However, he is willing to return once a God level threat appears, as he alegedly believes himself capable to do so. It's very interesting. Report Save. Satoru is a young man of average height and weight. Mumen Rider helps a small boy by getting his balloon out of a tree. 10 Hera Beats Mumen Rider Because He Is Brave But Not Strong. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Let me know if i seem to be correct, or incorrect. The only people dying are always nameless people that hold little to no value story-wise. Mumen befriended Saitama because Saitama treated him respectfully as a fellow C-Class hero, and also because he saved him from hitting a truck. That's right, you get to play as ONE PUNCH MAN himself! This is not the first time someone proposes this theory. After the cat scene, Mumen Rider throws himself into action to fight Hammerhead and his crew of activists fighting for their right to unemployment. It’s over in a blink, with little more than an empty bottle and a few bruises blossoming on the over zealous to show for it. An easy choice, it would be fairly simple for Saitama to knock the wind out of Mumen Rider, a regular guy without any special skills or abilities. So this theory isn't much different from Saitama being actual Blast. level 2. He cannot save everyone, so people must begin to learn to rely on other ways for survival, other heroes must rise to protect the weak. But who knows maybe thats not his actual age and hes just trying to hide his identity from the public as much as he can. The Blast is Mumen Rider Theory(Image Credit: Viz Media) There is one increasingly popular theory out there that Blast is the C class rank 1 hero, Mumen Rider. Besides, it would take away of the whole idea of working hard to achieve something you want. He also has a green bicycle helmet and dark-shaded goggles. I used “only” because after years Elder Centipede recovered and was back on track only to be seriously punched by Saitama. 12, 15 He is a parody of Kamen Rider. He was not prone to becoming strong like the likes of Suriyu or Darkshine, nor he mastered some special technique. Known as the Tornado of Terror, Tatsumaki boasts the #2 spot among all heroes, behind only the mysterious Blast. He first appears against Hammerhead and the Paradisers, and although he is defeated, he is given credit for defeating them. The same spiky hair, which is a similarity that they share. Ch. Saitama was born a regular dude, with no special attributes or natural abilities. Blast has spiky hair and we dont know how he actually looks like. Personally, I have several problems with this theory (please be polite in the comments). No heroes have been seen dying in OPM. I believe that Blast was hurt while fighting Elder Centipede, which MAYBE explains why he does not show his appearance, or according to the anime, he “only appears when there is a monster that will take humanity to an end.” He may be weak after fighting Elder Centipede, which is why he has taken a new identity as Mumen Rider. Also, Blast has more of a rectangular shaped face (due to his refined facial muscles and built constitution), whereas Mumen's is more of the slightly stretched round type. Possibly due to the fact that blast lost his powers and is now mumen rider. Hello there! He is legitimately one of the bravest characters in anime. Underneath his helmet and shades, he has short, brown hair and oval-shaped glasses that obscure his eyes. I believe that Blast was hurt while fighting Elder Centipede, which MAYBE explains why he does not show his appearance, or according to the anime, he “only … Blast's spiky hair points in a consistent manner toward the back of his head. Mumen Rider is the #1 Class C Hero in the Hero Association. And he will never be as strong as Saitama anyway. if you see Blast’s appearance in the webcomic, his hair seems to be similar to our hero Mumen Rider. Mumen Rider is a character in the highly acclaimed anti-shounen anime, One Punch Man. Had Saitama not been around, Boros alone would have killed the entirety of class S in a matter of seconds. Blast would have to get stronger to become Mumen Rider, Thing is, Blast -as seen in Murata's depiction of him - has a noticeably strong build. spoiler. -Mumen rider may have lost his powers somehow and it was passed on to saitama. 3# Blast is Saitamas father from the future - reason: Blast is powerful and Saitama needed to have a father, who could it be but Blast? Welcome to r/OnePunchMan, the subreddit for all things related to our caped bald hero! 1 WEAKER: Mumen Rider, One-Punch Man. -A small detail but i think its fairly important. He's a completely different character, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the OnePunchMan community. There is one increasingly popular theory out there that Blast is the C class rank 1 hero, Mumen Rider. He is a hero simply … Mumen Rider defeated by the Paradise Group. 7 Virgo - Mumen Rider. Saitama and Mumen went to the same course (as seen in one of the bonus chapters) and thus have the same age. License-less Rider is an average young man at the age of 25 of an average weight and height. Available in a range of colours and styles for men, women, and everyone. I really hope they would keep Mumen and Blast separate people. Personally, I have several problems with this theory (please be polite in the comments). Mumen Rider is a parody and tribute of Kamen Rider (since it appears on Shounen Jump comic mostly on the late 80s), blasg isnt orochi that has already been proved, @rokushia Did you even read the re~drawn manga in that one saitama vs orochi and saitama just blasted orochi to pieces and if orochi were blast then saitama would have had a good time fighiting that thing, and yes answer for the irrelavent question, yes i know Psykos who is hiding inside Gyoro Gyoro. He then rides off to catch up to the Paradise Group. Sorry, but Mumen Rider is the same age as Saitama(as shown in a special chapter where they attended the same school) but Blast was already an adult when Tatsumaki, who is older than Saitama, was a child. Hopefully Mumen Rider hadn’t noticed anything strange during the five step walk to the bike, four of which Saitama had spent nearly glued to the cyclist. Language: English Words: 2,740 Chapters: 1/? Mumen's just stems from the middle of his head and goes in all directions. I like how they made Mumen weak. EDIT: 07/10/17 - Title change, edited a bunch of chapter 1. 2# Blast is Mumen Rider - reason: People belived Mumen is faking his weakness and wants to help out other heroes rising the rankings and being a friend of Saitama. Mumen Rider appears in front of the Paradise Group, when they were causing havoc in the city streets. 125. share. Saying that he is not around because he lost his power is as credible and valid as saying that he is taking a long lasting vacation. He did a simple workout and put his whole being into it. And even if he knew of the God that is Saitama, he wouldn't even be the first one, nor the last, to come to that conclusion. Press J to jump to the feed. He has a black leather suit underneath his armor with black gauntlets and kneepads. It's been theorized that the reason as to why Blast doesn't show himself at all is either because he is too tired of the job and finds no enjoyment in pursuing it, or because he realized that, as strong as he was, humanity would start to rely on him so much so that, if he is ever absent, there would be no way to avoid an impending threat. Time and again, Tatsumaki has proven her incredible powers of telekinesis by throwing around many objects regardless of their weight, size or velocity. As a Virgo, he appears to be a placid character, but his emotions tend to pour out all at once when pressured to his limits. The first is Mumen Rider is his own character. Mumen Rider is the C-Class Rank 1 professional hero from Z-City. Saitama may have been inspired by his parent. To challenge himself, Blast (Mumen Rider) is testing how far he can go without his powers. Mumen Rider is one of the Strongest heroes in the One Punch Man series and it's not because he can shatter mountains with his fist. He is the top class C hero and a man of incredibly integrity, facing any challenges that comes his ways. The cyclist who's bravery must be respected may be willing to stand up to a foe as powerful as Hera, but that does not mean he would walk away victorious. "Oh," muttered Sycamore. Mumen rider also has spiky hair and covers his face most of the time with glasses and a mask. Mumen Rider is a character from the anime/manga series, One Punch Man. What kind of half-assed backstory is that? TV Tropes has some ideas: Blast is Saitama’s father; Blast is a woman; Blast is too strong to even be on Earth; Blast is secretly the C-rank loser hero Mumen Rider. What's more, many plot-holes and questions would arise, like why would he recieve this power? Why was he not warned? Mumen Rider, Satoru, is probably the only hero who deserves to be called as such, taking the gravest of risks in order to fulfill his commitment to the citizenry. He has a black leather suit under the armor and black gauntlets and knee pads. He turns back to Mumen Rider to find the cyclist steadying one of the brawlers, walking him carefully to a bench as the other is escorted away by friends. -there have been extremely high-level threats and no sign of blast showing up. He has spiky black hair and wears a superhero suit with a cape. And many more. Mumen Rider, Class C Rank 1 hero, has a similar appearance to the Class S Rank 1 hero, Blast. He is just a C-Class Rank 1 professional hero of the Hero Association in One-Punch Man who fights opponents above his abilities. He is an extremely brave, loyal and honorable hero who refuses to overlook any crime, no matter how minor or insignificant it may be, or back down from any fight, no matter the opponent. Aloha, I tell theory in this video! That would certainly be enough of a reason to bring Blast back. Up against The Paradisers’ stolen power-up gear, though, the outcome is the same in the anime as it is in the manga: Mumen Rider getting his snot bust on the pavement, and then rewarded for his being at the wrong place at the right time. I've actually been thinking about writing one. Joker is, well it doesn't really matter either way, does it?Neither side gets a Cookies help us deliver our Services.