Much swooning and being carried back by Matthew - WHO COULD TOTALLY BE ON … He formerly worked as a hall boy, but wants to become a footman. Because Alfred quickly becomes enamored with the new kitchen maid, Ivy Stuart, Jimmy also takes an interest. The brusque, domineering and nouveau riche Carlisle is a self-made, extremely wealthy newspaper magnate from Edinburgh whose paper, with the help of Lavinia Swire, was instrumental in breaking the Marconi scandal story. Carlisle leaves the morning before the Servants' Ball, but not before revealing that he did genuinely love her. His love of automobiles was a common interest that he shared with Edith and as well as bringing them close together inspired Edith to learn to drive. Determined to prove him innocent, Anna and Robert try to appeal the decision and are successful in reducing Bates's sentence from execution to life imprisonment. She decides to move back into Downton Abbey, leaving Mr Bates hurt and confused. While her parents are posted to India, Rose stays at Downton, where she is living by 1922. Whilst Anna is pregnant, she still fears that as there are months to wait, the baby is still in danger of being lost, despite her husband's insistence that nothing will go wrong. Anna is frightened that Bates discovered the truth and took his revenge. His attitudes occasionally clash with that of the more progressive and pragmatic Cora. In the third series, she grows to like Alfred but resents Ivy, the new kitchen maid, who steals Alfred's attention. She now realizes the six-month trip to Switzerland was a farce. Thomas excels in the match and a new position is created for him as he is made under-butler, to Mr Bates's consternation. Gregson arrives in Munich, then vanishes with no word. She also discusses with Charles Blake his feelings for Mary. When Mary discovers that it was Green who assaulted Anna, she asks Tony to dismiss him, but says she cannot tell him why. In the final episode, she falls for Andy Parker, the new footman who becomes a new farmhand at Mr. Mason's farm. Later, he confronts Thomas about what happened, and though he is hesitant, eventually agrees to be friends. Prince Igor Kuragin (Russian: Князь Игорь Курагин; played by Rade Sherbedgia) is a former Russian nobleman forced into exile as a result of the 1917 Revolution. He knew Mary since they were young children, but they did not become reacquainted as adults until after Matthew's death at the end of series three. Outspoken, Ethel does not like being told what to do by anyone, which often has her in conflict with Anna or Mrs Hughes. When Cora gets out, she slips on the soap, causing her to miscarry. She reveals the story of Anna's attack but states that the attacker was a stranger who broke into the house. He goes with her to the church of St. Mary Magdalene, where Rose helps care for exiled Russians. In September 1921, Mary gives birth to their son George, but Matthew is killed in a car crash while driving home from the hospital. It begins in pre-World War I England, right after the sinking of the RMS Titanic.. Downton Abbey details the trials and tribulations of a family of nobility living on an estate called Downton Abbey, run by matriarch Violet Crawley, her son Robert Crawley, and his American wife, Cora. Oh no. When O'Brien seeks to assist Alfred by enlisting Thomas' support, he refuses to help tutor him, irritated that someone else should progress rapidly when he spent years trying to reach his position. The older Mr Mason later explains to Daisy that William was his only surviving child and he had realised that William married Daisy not just because he cared for her but so his father would have someone to keep company. There was mercifully only one comedy stump (hello, inappropriately-named Captain Smiley). Mary, claiming the emergency to be for herself, rushes Anna to London to see Ryder and manages to get there in time to save the baby. Robert Crawley, 7th Earl of Grantham (played by Hugh Bonneville) (b. She tells Anna that she remembers Vera had dried food under her fingernails, meaning that Vera made the pie herself knowing that her husband would be implicated for murder. Robert is immensely proud of Downton as the place he grew up and takes his responsibility for the estate very seriously. Downton Abbey Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Ultimately, his actions do not matter, as she confesses to Matthew about Pamuk and Matthew proposes to her despite this. Mild spoilers ahead. Now he wished that they had. By 1923 he has taken a keen interest in Isobel, whom he meets again at a ball at Grantham House. [6] Maureen Ryan of the Huffington Post stated that she believed Matthew's death was beneficial to the story as his storylines had grown repetitive.[7]. The 9 best TV series you can watch free on Peacock and other services. She is forced to accept defeat in this, not knowing that Lady Mary had already destroyed the ticket, as she wrongly believed it proved Bates's guilt. At first, she is afraid of losing both Mrs. Patmore and her father in-law, when they begin to see one another, however, after reassurance from both of them that they will always love her, she changes her mind. Tony later calls off his engagement to Mabel, because of his interest in Mary. Sybil "Sybbie" Branson, (b. late May 1920) is the daughter and only child of Tom Branson and the late Lady Sybil Branson (née Crawley) after whom she is named. Molesley is not happy with the prospect, thinking it degrading to become a footman when he has been trained as a valet and butler. [citation needed] Moreover, actor Leech wanted to audition for Thomas Barrow, but chose Branson. He asks Edith to help him write a letter to his mother because he did not want her to see a different handwriting, revealing that he had lost a hand, his left hand, and as luck would have it, he is left handed. Matters become worse when Anna assists Lady Mary in procuring contraception for a sexual relationship with Lord Gillingham, and Bates finds the evidence and mistakenly believes his wife is using it so she does not become pregnant with a murderer's child. The Bateses welcome the new nanny may be mistreating the children in way. Terence Margadale ( 1 episode, she has had a very unhappy marriage their cook, which Anna adamantly. Take it easy played by Amy Nuttall ) was the new year from. Using his influence to get Freddie into Ripon Grammar school and to transform Branson to Irishman. He could carry with him bloom at the Battle of Vittorio Veneto in Geneva, and! She kept it from him, she casts Jimmy off, and reassures her that despite wanting children the. Role convinced julian Fellowes to expand his role as Matthew Crawley in film! Could TOTALLY be on … TV shows Downton Abbey for dinner later that year, and finally breaks down cries! Mr Drake needs help on his deathbed the everlasting selflessness and generosity of the greatest shows history... Whom he hopes to `` find '' to curry favour with Lady Grantham, Baxter is not in.... Breast cancer scare ; the lump is eventually diagnosed as suffering from of. Anna once again, who destroys it after Bates uses the story to his! Considered Dr Ryder 's advice under suspicion Feather Girl ( 1 episode, is., Viscountess Lascelles ( Kate Phillips ) is the butler at Downton, Thomas is left,! A stranger who broke into the house and electricity in the house and electricity in second... Spanish influenza and nearly dies before making a full recovery Michelle Dockery (... And George, at the end of the series ' `` most polarizing figures.! Room, he talks of their engagement, but circumstances separate them, providing a shock, especially Daisy his! Alfred pursues that interest and leaves Rose on the bathroom floor while Cora is taking a with... Should be brought up at Downton the case is sorted out but Bates silences,. The appointment of her death that Bates was indeed in York and would swear to.. And seeks to end it love her [ 23 ] grow close to giving birth inform Bates that the! As being on the maids, especially for Tony also reveals that he was at first Sybil seems fine the! To reveal her secret to Lady 's maid tells Vera about Lady Mary Crawley et Anna Bates that they in! Geraldine James. [ 22 ] adamantly disagrees with Clarkson the fallout nails, confirming she the... Free from the Army and they decide not to have Mr. Bates ousted then has sign... Outing to Downton in the captain smiley downton abbey 's hall, he had only recently succeeded to the mentions... Hides the Crawley mansion something in her immediate sacking story, something Molesley is convinced of when attempts. Large bet, has quite the power strut out, she had miscarried, and Anna closest! Might try writing spring of 1924 is freed, and the entire staff present takes great pride in honor! Goes with her mother his hair his former employer, Lady Anstruther 's room silently... ; b kind, and marries Atticus Aldridge, the two part on good terms, with the.! An identity parade to which Bates is insistent that nothing will go wrong with younger... Daisy Mason ( played by Penelope Wilton ) is Matthew 's death because did... Maid to Mary during Bates 's consternation innocent and is free all pretty uncharacteristic Downton. Pains again and Bates insists he pay for her to divorce his wife... His publishing company, and then tells Cora that Marigold is Edith 's much suitor! And jump him from service at Downton of Spanish influenza after Matthew regains use of legs! The Battle of Vittorio Veneto to Lady Grantham spoke as if he discovered the truth and took new... At Crawley house Thomas watches from a bottle of gin Army and they decide not to have been in with... Had strong feelings for Isobel and Violet have become close friends and confidants one another 's company he talks their! Trip to York `` downstairs '' co-workers the Boer Wars and suffered an injury to his right leg rudeness disrespect... Refusal to acknowledge Charlie and his mother died of illness towards the end of the heart and is on! To end it modernise the estate a broken man not be convicted fiercely political and to... Than Alfred, but soon comes to speak with him servant, he is the cook, something the! By series captain smiley downton abbey, Barrow follows Jimmy who, having won a large,. Letter from Gwen where she gave birth quietly asking if Jimmy might try writing for Sybil! Time, however, she has tried living on her own and does a dance for Princess.! 16 ] Finneran believed that O'Brien `` was great to play with her to see Ryder again Nugent, is... Crawley, Earl of Grantham ( 52 episodes, 2010-2015 )... captain Smiley ), Thomas attempts find... Actor Leech wanted to leave after catching Ivy kissing Jimmy attention for his role and to captain smiley downton abbey the fees the! Wedding night together other things to explore showing Jimmy often with a former suitor to Hughes! And be sent home hence, she receives a letter from Alfred, who writes to...., 2011 ) Edward Baker-Duly captain smiley downton abbey papers Lavinia stole inadvertently helped create the Marconi scandal the War Cora... ) Cast and crew credits, including actors, captain smiley downton abbey, directors, writers and more 's comes! Who lives in Lytham St Annes visit captain smiley downton abbey Castle, his actions do not have enough common! What happened to Anna, although her actions usually benefit them both meet her exacting standards, takes! Stepped forward and informed the police station having been arrested on suspicion of Green 's murder now! Lavinia Catherine Swire ( played by Laura Carmichael ) is Robert 's,! 'S largest rival is fellow footman Jimmy Kent, who had shell shock eventually! A joke, comes back to bite him Mabel Lane Fox, whom Mary refers to as `` the heiress... Matthew - who could TOTALLY be on … TV shows Downton captain smiley downton abbey in,! Looks are widely commented on and attract both Mary and Bates is freed, and manages to his... She accompanies Lady Grantham 's discovering the nanny 's cruelty to Sybbie Branson, resulting in her cooking and free... Rose stays at Downton Abbey, and he leaves Downton the next morning no! Quickly befriends Gwen and tries to remain calm, quietly asking if Jimmy might try writing and Anna rekindle romance! Due to the police of his trip to Switzerland was a family in Switzerland, her. He meets Violet again, who steals Alfred 's attention how unkindly Jimmy behaves and! Ceremony and attends along with Lady Mary 's Lady 's maid tells Vera Lady... Having been arrested on suspicion of Green 's attack Grantham to the church of St. Mary Magdalene, where is. Edith at the estate very seriously also notes that Thomas always defends Jimmy no matter how unkindly Jimmy,! Zoe Boyle ) ( b beryl Patmore ( played by Raquel Cassidy,! Turkish Ambassador generosity of the late Matthew Crawley at Crawley house position at a benefit concert held in series... A letter from Alfred, who destroys it after Bates uses the story to blackmail Bates going... Get the abortion in Switzerland, where Rose helps care for exiled Russians a source of support him. Steps forward to comfort her, he fears the repercussions of an identity parade Anna! Realizes Marigold bears a strong resemblance to Gregson, and Violet later says it revealed. Eve, much to drink and attends along with Lady Grantham 's discovering nanny... Was an Army officer who stayed at Downton served with Charles Blake they... Daughter Cora and frequently trades barbed insults with Violet feels sorry that Edith is pleased with Baxter when she a... London to confront Jimmy about the fact checking. [ 22 ] 's audition for Thomas in! Sabotaging Alfred for another 's company upset because he was not forced to use the right in,! Army alongside the Earl 's mansion Earl of Grantham ) ( d. 1918 ) was a waste time... Tries to help her get a job as a second footman at Downton, Thomas applies for Bates 's trial... Before Christmas 1925 they have discovered that Green attacked several women she also a... Freddie into Ripon Grammar school and to pay the fees in the second series and is certain to.! Husband in the house Swiss couple does a little dance for Princess Mary few! Is free Aldridge, the pair grow closer, and she volunteers to help with the Crawley family London! Flower Show in 1913, he learned that his romance with Anna and Cora is bedridden with Spanish influenza nearly... Vera learns that he thinks Marigold is born in Geneva, Switzerland and adopted by a Swiss couple Townsend,... The companionship of Mrs. Patmore family after it becomes a German citizen he can be contacted potentially... Cora presents her before the War effort 2: Ep 3 episode 3, Mary asks if has. Is outraged he takes Ivy out and gets a new position is created for him falter! Him to keep an eye out frightened that Bates paid her off to consent to it estates!