Nice post. Our Old MacDonald’s farm cake is a perfect example of a typical novelty cake brought to buttercream-life. Cakes will forever be a cornerstone for celebrating milestones, including birthdays and weddings. At The Knot's annual gala in New York City, the leading wedding marketplace and wedding planning website showcased the hottest wedding cake trend for 2020: bold, color-blocked wedding cakes. Happy New Decade, cake decorators! Fault Line Cake. Industry Experts Predict Wedding Cake Trends. Wedding Cake Icing Wedding Cake Prices Wedding Cake Designs Creative Wedding Cakes Big Cakes New Cake Cake Trends Cake Decorating Supplies Beautiful Cakes. Trends of 2020 for the wedding cake. (Warning: This round-up might just give you a tooth-ache!) Article by The Cake Decorating Company Ltd. It has a visible under layer peeking through the midsection in a contrasting colour, pattern or embellishments. I don’t want to think naked cakes are going out of fashion, because they are gorgeous, but they just aren’t as en vogue as they used to be. See, I actually have scientific and empirical evidence to back this up so you better believe it. 2018’s mason jar cocktail trend evolved into the Moscow mule trend of 2019, while roses were en vogue before wildflower bouquets hit the mainstream. Home > Blog > Recipe Trends > Top Baking Trends for 2020 1. Consumed through weekly viewings or a weekend binge, viewers eagerly tune in to see the triumphs and trials of the artisans who create delicious and beautiful baked goods. Yes, that includes rainbow sprinkles. Feb 7, 2020 - Do you ever notice cake trends as they come and go? Here are some easy cake decorating ideas you can try at home. 2020 has come! Other emerging variations include adding that second layer of frosting to only the bottom of the cake, and you can spread it on or use parchment paper to have more control over the placement of the frosting. Cake Boss Design .. It’s counter-intuitive to purposefully ‘destroy’ a perfectly smoothed cake. Food And Drink. For more ideas check out my tutorial on 8 Ways To Use A Petal Tip. If you’re interested in that course click here. However, even the world of baking has some trends that take off by storm and some that  disappear into cake-history. 12 Interior Design Trends We’ll See In 2020. 10 Cake Decorating Trends To Try In 2021 10 Cake Decorating Trends To Try In 2021 . We’ve seen several variations of it, starting with simple spreading a second coat of frosting with a gap in the middle, hence the name “fault line” cake, and optionally painting the edges with metallic paint. 2020 interior design trends. Well yes, we do. A more time consuming but very forgiving way to add texture is with piping tips. Apart from being simple, this technique is great because you don’t need any special tools or materials, just some acetate or you can do this with parchment paper instead. Beige makes a comeback as the perfect base colour to build upon. I loved seeing your insight into popular cake trends for this year :) I’m curious whether you think tall cakes are also the way to go? Wedding Cake Trends For 2020. The wedding industry is driven by trends. If you prefer, you can watch my video tutorial on 10 Cake Decorating Trends to Try in 2020 below: It’s a clay modeling tool: With a new year only a couple weeks away, there’s already so much to look forward to in 2020. 2020 Cake Decorating Trends. Wedding Cake Icing Wedding Cake Prices Wedding Cake Designs Creative Wedding Cakes Big Cakes New Cake Cake Trends Cake Decorating Supplies Beautiful Cakes. Fault line cakes are like the more appetising cousin of the Geode-Cake trend of yester-years. Article by Baking Butterly Love | Cake Decorating. Dessert. Infusing your spaces with what’s au courant can be tricky. Crumb coat and frost your cake as normal, making sure the sides are straight and that you have quite a thick layer of frosting all over the cake since you’re going to take a lot of it off when you use the comb. Psst! A new year means new ideas, new styles, and new creativity, so we’d compile a useful list of all the cake decorating trends that are super popular this year. Let’s just call them Granny Gateaux. from other writers and practice a little something from Black is one of the top birthday cake trends in 2019, and we’re seeing this trend even in wedding cakes. Amidst corona, … A spin-off of the popular fault line cake is the ‘half-wrapped cake’. Which of these techniques are you excited to try this year? From the resurgence of buttercream transfers to getting creative with cookie cutters, 2020 is about to be your sweetest year yet! 2020 Cake Decorating Trends | The Cake Decorating Co. | Blog. Often known as the “spare cake out back” for an effective wedding hack, in 2019 sheet cakes will be stepping out of the shadows and into the lime light. I never thought I’d equate them to cupcakes, especially as they are so much MORE in terms of technique. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Now for the trends featuring simplicity… firstly, if you haven’t made one yet, jump on the number cake bandwagon! It has a visible under layer peeking through the midsection in a contrasting colour, pattern or embellishments. © 2021 Anges de Sucre. To make it just that little bit easier to find your perfect slice, we've gathered all of our delicious wedding cake trends posts together in one place. After smoothing the frosting, immediately use the textured comb, applying consistent pressure against the side of the cake as your spin the cake on a turntable, going around several times and touching up any gaps in the frosting with more buttercream, keeping going until you have a defined texture with no air pockets. I’m going to walk you through the top 10 trends that I anticipate highlighting the cake decorating world this year, which I’ve … Jan 25, 2020 - Happy New Decade, cake decorators! Amanda Lauren Contributor. You can travel with a cake in a car or even on an airplane following a very simple method which I’ve explained in my tutorial on How to Travel with a Cake in your Suitcase, which you can watch here. Here are our top 10 cake decorating trend predictions. Wedding cake trends for 2020. Whether it’s for a birthday, graduation, or just because, cakes are a staple around our house! This is the style that keeps giving. Low prep, low mess. Some traditions, however, rise above passing trends. Uncomplicated, easy to prep and simple to serve, this unassuming baking super star will really take the cake next year. Last year we saw a lot more buttercream on cakes and the fault line cake was the new cake trend for the year so what’s going to be popular this year? Scallops are beautiful too – they can be piped with a round tip or even a piping bag with no tip, and smoothed out with an offset spatula or the back of a spoon. Is no secret that the colors set the mood and when it comes to a celebratory moments (especially in the cold season) something warm and energizing is always a good choice. Afterall, black looks unique and makes for great pictures. This can be as simple as pressing sprinkles onto the sides of the cake, which is easiest if you dip your finger in water and tap off any excess before pressing it into a sprinkle, so that the sprinkle sticks to your finger and then when you press it onto the frosting of the cake, it transfers to the cake for perfectly accurate placement. Accent colours are still soft, think the new Dulux Colour of the Year 2020, Tranquil Dawn. Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft Magazine 12 issues per year View Reviews | Write Review From £2.50 per issue Cake Decoration and Sugarcraft magazine is the world’s leading monthly cake decorating magazine that celebrates personalisation and creativity. Jazz up the edge of the fault line by adding sprinkles to it, or edible glitter, instead of the original style of metallic paint. Going into 2020, the trends for cake decorating showcase generous use of texture and colour and, a welcome factor for most of us, simplicity! This style didn’t seem to have a name so I’ve taken the authority to coin the term. 5. What better way to celebrate, even if it’s just because it’s Saturday and you’re feeling like cake? Whether it’s for a birthday, graduation, or just because, cakes are a staple around our house! See more ideas about cake decorating, cake, how to make cake. January 2020. While cakes are here to stay in 2020, cake decorating trends are expected to change.