That includes love in all forms—Kam says she collects love notes from friends and family and wanted to evoke the same all-encompassing emotion of love and warmth. Much like other businesses across the United States, Toned by BaggedEm has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Updated 1222 GMT (2022 HKT) October 3, 2020. “Women having more information about their reproductive health or their menstrual cycle is a form of political activism because if you know how your body works you can advocate for yourself,” Chidi told Marie Claire. Ava’s Pet Palace. “That led me to take fragrance-blending classes and learn about herbs,” she tells SELF. “Self-ish for me was connecting the dots…creating the mood through candles, and then really leaning in to pamper yourself [with the teas].”. From yoga studios to bath and body products. “As the industry becomes more accepted, the majority of those benefiting don’t share that same history,” they tell SELF. Goodnight Darling founder Aycee Brown suffered from insomnia starting at the age of 14 and relied on sleeping pills to fall asleep for years until she began doing research on more natural ways to induce sleep. Black Owned Yoga Studios Deeply Rooted (Atlanta, GA) Xude Yoga (Houston, TX) Sugar and Sage (Dallas, TX) When looking at the fitness industry and wellness spaces, they saw less and less women who looked like them -- women with varying skin tones and body types. Sinikiwe Dhliwayo, the founder of BIPOC wellness-and-yoga community Naaya, grew up in Zimbabwe and, according to a Well + Good interview, started practicing yoga after a running injury put her out of commission. But that support shouldn't just fall to you. Reunion Yoga Black Owned: Keith Bordon. The wellness programming, including group grieving and healing sessions, is what she points to as being particularly helpful to members—especially now. Thu. If you know of a business that should be added to the list, add it to the comment section below. “We have an amazing roster of diverse practitioners that can really help people during their wellness journey.”. Support these Black-owned businesses in Alexandria and align with the Black Lives Matter movement to #supportblackbusinesses today, tomorrow and beyond. Naaya goes beyond just traditional yoga and meditation, though, offering online classes that aim to teach self-love and help young people process anger. With an idea and an artist in hand, the sisters created mats featuring women that they see every day -- the women in their neighborhoods, their families, their communities. It’s also working with BIPOC high school students in an initiative called The Check-In, which teaches yoga and mediation modalities to help students support their own well-being at home. Black-owned business designs yoga mats featuring women of different skin tones . Although the company calls Kansas City home, Yoga Pants Gallery has ambassadors all over the country who are leaders in the fitness and wellness space. (Wofford has made history as the youngest Black woman to launch a line there.). June 12, 2020 Link to Facebook Page Facebook. Black Mat Yoga NYC: A yoga company committed to ensuring that yoga is accessible to every BODY. Beyond signing petitions, donating to bail funds and social justice organizations, and calling your local politicians to demand change, one other tangible way of giving back is by supporting and buying from Black-owned businesses. "I think it did bring a spotlight to the need for our product since more people are home and need a mat for meditation, for exercise -- yoga, pilates -- it can be used for so many different things," said Julia. Support black-owned businesses by checking out the following black-owned fitness apparel brands for your next activewear purchase! This is the brand's first year in business, and with many gyms and yoga studios temporarily shuttered, getting the message out about their products has become a challenge. Glamourina. Beyond teas, you can also pick up some orange-infused Shmoney honey or a Bad and Boujee teacup. Thankfully, founders like Austin are doing the work to carve out that space themselves, and there are a growing number of products and places created for and by Black people that are widening the field and allowing people of color to center themselves. Their leggings are meant to … and Nip’s Tea (named after the late rapper Nipsey Hussle), are a play on the pop culture and hip-hop inspirations Jones draws from. Miranda Larbi Saturday 27 Jun 2020 1:25 pm. “Our objective is, and will always be, to help people feel more at home in their bodies,” Grammer-Ybarra says. Glamourina is an athleisure brand founded by Kia Phillips and Nekol Gaskins. In the aftermath of the murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Tony McDade, and Ahmaud Arbery, many have been asking themselves how they can support the Black community. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Love Notes founder Nya Kam’s inspiration for her candle brand came from a place of romance and joy. Parenting and pregnancy services have a long, fraught history of not serving the needs of women of color, so it’s refreshing to find spaces like L.A.’s LOOM that have opened their doors with a specific emphasis on inclusivity and nonjudgement. Tonya Lewis Lee is a busy woman. Most recently, during the pandemic, Black Girl in Om offered a digital sister circle called Divine Disruption: The Circle 1.0, which invited 250 Black women and women of color to take part in daily journaling prompts, weekly thought exercises and guided meditation, newsletter recaps, and conversations with special guests. From yoga studios to bath and body products. Brown’s offerings started with candles, but she’s since expanded into room and pillow sprays, teas, and bath-soak products. Ad Choices, 15 Black-Owned Wellness Brands to Support Today, Tomorrow, Forever. Listing of 7 black-owned yoga studios in Atlanta creating an safe space to elevate your yoga practice, healing and health. StyleCaster Writer Sydney Gore shares 46 Black-owned wellness and lifestyle brands to follow, like, and support with your dollar. For Julia and Cornelia Gibson, fitness is a family affair. The virus, coupled with the recent reckoning on race spurred by the deaths of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Daniel Prude, Jacob Blake and many more, put even more emphasis on the need for self-care, the sisters said. And, of course, that relaxation is essential to getting a good night’s rest, which is part of the company’s overall mission: To promote better sleep habits. Outside of their products, Buena Botanicals also focus on education and community engagement, along with writing about healthy lifestyle habits and ways to manage anxiety. You may have already spotted Golde’s aesthetically pleasing products on your Instagram feed, though for the unacquainted, the brand’s selection of superfood tonics and skin-care products should definitely be on your radar. During our most recent Well+Good TALK, Nicole Cardoza, founder of Yoga Foster and Reclamation Ventures, said one way to do th . The self-described plant teacher and herbalist created this space with the intention of “empower[ing] individuals to make informed decisions not only about their health but their total lifestyle,” according to the website, and offers a range of products and services to help people re-center themselves. “We wanted to provide high-quality, eco-responsible CBD and other healing modalities that give back to the communities that have been most affected.”, The brand’s motto is “Make Life Buena,” and that’s what they want to do with their creams, elixirs, and soaps: Make life good—or at least better—for as many people as possible. Yoga Ab Workouts Arm Workouts ... there is no shortage of Black-owned companies dedicated to providing goods and services for living a healthier … bail funds and social justice organizations, 44 Mental Health Resources for Black People Trying to Survive in This Country, 11 Black People Share Big and Small Ways They’re Caring for Themselves, 25 Books For People Who Want to Learn More About Race in America. Lee has also raised the issue of the Black infant mortality rate as a producer on the documentary Crisis in the Crib: Saving Our Nation’s Babies, and yet another hat she’s worn is that of national spokesperson for A Healthy Baby Begins With You, a 2007 Black infant mortality campaign initiated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health. Whether you're on a run or on the couch, you're gonna look so cute. For Julia and Cornelia Gibson, fitness is a family affair. Inspired by their own fitness journeys, they created the Toned yoga mats featuring empowering images of Black women practicing yoga. If you are interested in learning more about other Black-owned businesses, ... Today roughly 80% of the company’s revenue comes from selling many of her 150 products in stores such as Walmart, B The industry itself (as it pertains to wellness brands and businesses) has remained extremely whitewashed since its inception. Nude Barre is a black-owned company created by former dancer Erin Carpenter. Any information published on this website or by this brand is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional. “The ultimate objective is to reach as many people as possible that could benefit from our services,” Hall says. "When you see it like this, it can't be ignored," she added. The next step was to look for an artist to design the artwork for the yoga mats and, luckily, the sisters didn't have to look far: their mother, Oglivia Purdie, was a former New York City elementary school art teacher. “Wellness, as it stands now, is synonymous with whiteness, affluence, and being able-bodied. 24 Black Owned Yoga Studio’s August 6, 2019 Admin Black Vegan News , Health & Fitness , Healthy Lifestyles Regular yoga practice has been shown to have … SELF does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Email Mail To. From CBD brands to health and pregnancy resources and even yoga and fitness spaces, most people at the helm don’t reflect the diverse nature of their audience, nor cater to those who, historically, often need the healing the most. “We started with images of Black women because that is whose journeys we most closely relate to, but our goal is to provide representation for all people.” Julia and Cornelia Gibson Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated as of 1/1/21) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated as of 1/1/21) and Your California Privacy Rights. Black-owned Travel Companies You Should Know About. At the same time, she understands that tea may have certain posh, colonial connotations, and when she created Ivy’s Tea Co. in 2016, her aim was to change the way people see tea drinkers. For Black-owned businesses specifically in … The Villij. Rather than just posting thoughts and prayers for a devastated community, we need to buy from black-owned wellness companies today. 4 min read. Years laters, Dhliwayo launched Naaya as a result of her own experiences feeling uncomfortable in yoga studios, as a way to create visibility for Black bodies in yoga and a safe, accessible space for BIPOC to find well-being. When she started the company she always had in mind that our product would be for women to feel both seen and accepted no matter what their skin tone is. The pandemic has also disproportionately impacted people of color. The sisters workout best when they're together, but even when they're apart, they are cheering each other on. Just 12 percent of black and Latino business owners who applied for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) during the pandemic reported receiving what they asked for, and … "Our mats look like everyday women that you see, they give you confidence. For a limited time, the brand is also selling mats featuring Black men. Although we are unable to visit the fictional location of Wakanda, the rest of the world is waiting for us! The sisters teamed up with a holistic physician to create Homebody’s organically farmed, pearlescent CBD bath-bomb soaks (like its latest peach-inspired soak). One of the yoga mats sold by Toned By BaggedEm. It was Audre Lorde who once noted that self-care is a radical act—“an act of political warfare”—especially for Black people, and it’s true that in order to continue fighting the good fight, we must also recharge. Some days it’s hard to muster up the will to get up, lace up our shoes and get our workout on. SELF may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. When animal lover Ava Dorsey was just a girl, she recognized a need for healthy pet treats for her dog and cat. “Every night, while bathing, I would ask the universe to heal me and rebuild me stronger than ever before, and I promised in return I would dedicate my life to helping to rebuild others,” she says. She started creating products for herself at first; it was only years later, after going through a breakup, that it dawned on her that other people could use those things as well. 4 Black-Owned Fitness-Wear Brands You Should Know With looks ranging from leggings and bra tops to track suits, hoodies and tees, trendy collections by Venus Williams, Jordyn Woods and others let you exercise style options. If you have seen my previous posts, 9 Black Wellness Professionals in Charlotte To See for Quicker Results, 7 Popular Black Personal Trainers in Charlotte or 11 Black Yoga Teachers To Check Out in Charlotte, then you know this website is all about highlighting Black wellness professionals in Charlotte.#BlackWellnessCLT is the place to find Black-owned wellness companies in Charlotte. “I have always craved and sought out spaces and communities that made me feel safe and fully comfortable in all facets of my identity,” she says. “Whether you’re coming for the daily yoga and meditation classes, workshops, private services such as therapy, or just the café, HealHaus has something for everyone.”, Though you can’t sip one of their seasonal elixirs or smoothies at the café right now, many HealHaus services, from yoga to meditation, are still available online with a membership (and you can purchase some blends of their elixirs and teas on their site as well). 10 Black-Owned Fitness Apparel Brands. Ahead is a list of 15 wellness-specific brands and businesses to pour your dollars into—today, tomorrow, forever. If you're working to be a better ally, it Most public spaces have closed for the time-being due to the pandemic, but Ethel’s Club is still offering online events and workshops. During that period, they became Food Network champions (and the first Black women to win a televised dessert competition show), were signed to Gordon Ramsey’s talent agency, and appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Trinity Mouzon Wofford and her partner Issey Kobori founded the company in 2017 with the hope of “bring[ing] good vibes to the wellness industry,” and she’s gone about tackling that from the inside out. And in this black city exists a black-ass yoga studio where you can be your black-ass self. Sacred Botanica includes everything from incense, candles, and crystals, though if you’re in need of some spiritual advisements, Rose also conducts tarot and astrology readings via Zoom. “I wanted to invoke relaxation on a soul level,” she says. "A lot of things that deter people from keeping their commitment or devoting that time to themselves is that they don't have much encouragement," Cornelia Gibson told CNN.