Sesame Street’s Elmo Fun To Be One Birthday Party Supplies Decorations Pack With Swirl Decorations, Bib, High Chair Deco Kit, 6 Balloons, Birthday Banner, Candles, Crown, and Bday Pin By Another Dream 4.7 out of 5 stars 78 $39.99$39.99 FREE Shipping by Amazon for the babies and toddlers). Alternatively, you could just pick up some number shaped cookies and call them The Count's Numbers, like this example also from 11 Cupcakes. Just save them to your computer, enlarge them and print off yourself. Matt James is a professional event planner and owner of event agency Left Field Productions, which has produced events for Elton John, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kevin Spacey, Stella McCartney, David LaChapelle, John Waters, and Elvis Costello & Diana Krall. See supplier 5 for the mini sized ducks. Or if you prefer, use a random combination of primary colored plates to add plenty of color to the display. This was a jar filled with gummy worms that guests needed to guess the amount. Just twist and hang them in tight vertical lines from floor to ceiling. All of them were hanging out to see who the winner was at the end of the party. The younger kids in particular were so excited that Elmo and the others were already at the party, and stepped on their footprints as they excitedly made their way through the house to the party area. Making sure it was free of choking hazards. Wrap each cookie in a cellophane bag tied up with ribbon and send them out in these cute box mailers (below right) along with these VIP 'All Access' pass style Sesame Street invitations or these printable ones, both from supplier 4. (6lb, 3oz), an outfit he’d worn around 4 months and one he wears currently. This recipe for Ducky Bath Punch (below left, by Cheryl at The Tidy Mom) was originally created for a baby shower, but I think it's perfect to be re-named as Ernie's Rubber Ducky Punch for a Sesame Street birthday party. Happy birthday to you! The start of one of the Sesame Street series has children doing chalk drawings on the pavement. Perfect party for a Elmo or Sesame Street lover! There are lots of different designs available that can be customized with your own text and many are instant download printables. Alternatively, use a Sesame Street cut out or vertical door banner such as these from supplier 4. She said she's spent too much time making them to see anything other than sweet, innocent number 1s for her sweet, innocent soon-to-be 1-year-old baby boy. and ten questions about Sesame Street Characters (e.g Elmo’s pet’s name, the name of Big Bird’s Teddy Bear, name the character with a range of jobs, etc. ) Give regular water bottles a Sesame Street makeover with these printable labels from supplier 4. Or use these printable labels to give condiments a Sesame Street makeover. When I remember Sesame Street I always think of the urban street scene with the famous lamp post and street sign, the front stoop of the brownstone apartment building, Hooper's Store, Oscar's trash can, and Big Bird's nest. Both from supplier 2. The most common sesame street party material is cotton. For the activites / games, once again a lot of thought went into ensuring all ages were catered for and everything fit the Sesame Street theme. Correction. Raise up food items at the back of the table by covering boxes with yellow paper and adding a green strip of ribbon (see illustration above). At the other end of the table set up a metal waste paper basket (or cover a regular one in tin foil) and position an Oscar cut out (from the Paint and Color game mentioned previously) peering out with a cardstock speech bubble that says 'scram!'. We placed fake lawn on the ground to ensure a safe, soft play area for babies that were still crawling. theme. You’ll be tickled to see the party supplies including cute cupcake, cookie, favor and activity ideas inspired by Elmo’s fun personality. Play free preschool learning games about letters, numbers, STEM and more with all of your favorite Sesame Street friends! Get ready for LOTS of photos, details and links (some are affiliate links). 3:02. However, instead of trash, cookies needed to be tossed into a cookie bucket at Cookie Monster’s feet. I think you’re far better off creating one to receive unusual invitations. These Elmo and Cookie Monster cardstock cut outs can also be attached to food containers and treats to make them look more special. Then create a faux fur table runner down the center of the table, using this colored fur (below center for Cookie Monster). Even when guests needed to use the bathroom inside, they were greeted by a large mirror covered in pictures of Sesame Street Characters in baths or washing their hands and stick on yellow duckies. Then add a slice of apple (dipped in lemon juice to stop it browning) to the top of each skewer with a black grape in the middle of each. The party needs to be memorable to you and interesting for the guests. Cover the card with tin foil to look like Oscar's trash can, and scrunch up some balls of news paper around it. They included Abby’s Puzzling Pegs, The Count and Cookie Monster’s Mystery Cookie Caper, Big Bird’s Secret Gummy Worm Stash and Grover’s Quiz Time and awarded prizes. Sesame Street Party Invitations Start with a fun custom sesame street birthday party invitation for your little one's Sesame Street theme birthday party. Alternatively, for a softer look, you can do something similar with tissue poms from supplier 2. I also had a display titled “Look how much I’ve grown!” which included a tiny suit Elijah had worn when he was first born and weighed only 2.8kg. It's fine to use shop-bought decorations and When they brought their duckie to the prize box, I simply sent them back to get another duckie if they had an odd number and they needed an even and vice versa. There's also a large Cookie Monster balloon you could use, although this one isn't an airwalker. you can do to make your party unique. Sigh. Check out these amazing Sesame Street faces made from fruit and vegetables (below left, by Lauren J at Catch My Party and below right, from The Produce Mum) - it's such a great idea and a good way to add some healthy options to the menu. Below are some ideas for ways to style and decorate a Sesame Street birthday party: I always think it’s a good idea to concentrate the It could be as simple as chalking the pavement or using bunches of balloons. They're emailed to you as a digital file which you can then get printed out to your chosen size at a local copy shop. Finish your table styling by placing one of these Sesame Street party hats at each place, or one of these treat holders filled with small party favors. Also, Elijah (who is rarely given any unhealthy food) thoroughly enjoyed his slice of birthday cake he was given to eat. Alternatively, you can buy Sesame Street themed paper lanterns, such as these below, from supplier 4. Another option is to buy one of these personalized Sesame Street backdrops from supplier 4. The menu included baby appropriate foods (a lot of healthy finger food options) and more traditional, less healthy party foods to satisfy the older kids too. Guests looked absolutely gorgeous with babies/toddlers dressed in Cookie Monster and Elmo furry grow suits and we even had this little 15 month old Super Grover (so cute and home-made by his clever mum): And here’s one of the kids in a homemade Cookie Monster outfit: Older kids dressed as Abby Cadabby, Elmo, Oscar (trash can included), Mr Snuffleupagus and Cookie Monster. Supplier 4 has these great printable cut outs of Sesame Street character's faces which can be applied to balloons. Since 2004, Left Field Productions has won 30 industry awards for excellence including Production Company of the Year. I also prepared yummy Elmo and Cookie Monster cupcakes: So, after the cake, I announced the winners of our Sesame Street first birthday games. You've got Big Bird, Elmo, the Cookie Monster, to name just a few. This is a little trick that’s often used by professional party planners to make invitations stand out. I organised to have two parcels travelling around the circle at once – one for the babies and one for the bigger kids. This was extremely popular. Supplier 4 also has a great range of personlized Sesame Street gardland banners which are also great for decorating larger areas. Cookie Monster Cupcakes. You could even position the Elmo one on the dessert table (if you have enough space overhead) to use it as a dramatic centerpiece. Take a look at the gorgeous Sesame Street 1st birthday party supplies. There are 2223 sesame street party for sale on Etsy, and they cost $10.17 on average. The estimated retail price for Sesame Street Mini Plush Celebration Pack is $39.99. Cut 2 semi circles of orange fruit leather (or orange peel) and put these on top of the apple slice as eyelids. relating to birth weight, milestones, favourite things to do / eat, etc.) Alessio’s Character is Elmo and Fabio’s Character is Cookie Monster. A small jumpy castle suitable for children up to 10 years old. Cookie Monster and Bert’s Oatmeal Cookies Abby Cadabby’s … compete with existing room decor so they can get a bit lost if spread too thinly. :-), Sesame Street first birthday ideas and photos by: Julieanne from Whyalla, South Australia. Inspired by the Amazing Alphabet Race episode in which Elmo needed to find all the letters in the alphabet around Sesame Street on signs or in books, etc. Or have an adult or older sibling dressed up as Oscar or Big Bird to greet people as they arrive. We also stuck colourful magnetic letters and numbers all over the poles of the veranda and the rest of the party area. Alternatively, you can also bring your Sesame Street birthday party to life by using these giant Airwalker balloons. For something a bit more special, check out the range of Sesame Street birthday cake fondant toppers from supplier 4. It also included a request to fill out special message cards. Here are menu ideas that experts and moms recommend. Make Elmo Jello at Moms and Crafters. I recommend these disposable premium plastic plates from supplier 1, they're great value and look so much nicer than paper party plates. Select supplier 2 for more info on both these items. Make this Yellow Pineapple Punch, from Tree Top, and call it Big Bird Punch. The Mommy Hacker 10,641 views. All the Little Monster guests had arrived and Sesame Street first birthday party hats were distributed – I purchased some ‘Sunny Days’ party hats and also transformed brightly coloured hats into character faces like these: I gathered everyone together to officially welcome guests and invited them to explore all the activities that were set out. You guessed it: black. As guests stepped out the backdoor to the right, they saw a sign that said ‘Brought to you by the letter E and the number 1’, more Sesame Street cut outs, large Sesame Street character helium balloon bunches, ten boxes filled with prizes, a range of activities and all the food: There was also a gorgeous display of Elijah’s life so far. Every moment Elijah was sleeping, I was working on something for the Sesame Street first birthday party. I had purchased a range of popular songs from each of the characters (e.g. Check it all out right here and save big on all of your party … However, I have a separate page devoted to Elmo birthday party ideas, so be sure to read this page too so you can incorporate some Elmo themed ideas into your Sesame Street birthday party. This game was set up in a similar way to Oscars’ Trash Can Toss. Just click on the Facebook or Twitter buttons below to post a link back to this page, or share this collage image. As the little Elmo, Cookie Monsters, other sesame Street characters and their parents arrived at our Sesame Street first birthday party, they were greeted by number 1 helium balloons on the letterbox, a Sesame Street Sign on the door with Elijah written on it with a number 1 in the semi-circle at the top and a large cut out of Grover stuck to the door with a speech bubble saying “Hello Everybodeeeee” (Just like Grover does in couple of Elijah’s ‘Play With Me Sesame’ DVDs!). Initially I had planned to have a puppet show for all the guests. Older kids played this game against each other at their leisure. Alternatively, you can buy Sesame Street Oreos, such as these Big Bird Oreos (other characters availale), from supplier 4. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about sesame street 1st birthday shirt? Elijah’s Dad wore a bright green Oscar the Grouch T-shirt which I also decorated with transfers like the ones I used for my shirt. Make this Wormy Swamp Punch (right, from Land O Lakes) but freeze the worms into the OJ ice cubes so they float on top like bits of trash. Alternatively, supplier 4 has some less commercial options, such as these personalized printable crayon boxes or these Sesame Stree bubbles and marshmallow sticks. 14:46. Since you need to count the number of pins knocked down, it seemed appropriate to name it after The Count Von Count. Then prizes were awarded to babies and children who collected the most. See more ideas about sesame street birthday cakes, sesame street birthday, sesame street. My objective is to organize these sources and help you find the best blog posts for each selected topic with the goals of saving you time and money. On Nate’s 3rd Birthday, we celebrated with a Sesame Street themed party. Elijah’s grandparents even dressed up as Cookie Monster and The Count. These Sesame Street party theme ideas are inspired by the main characters such as Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Oscar, and The Count. By guests we mean those of all ages – toddlers, older children, and grown-ups. I went through the answer sheets at the end of the party, shared the answers with guests and awarded prizes of key-rings, home-made jewellery and chocolates. of the room to tie everything together. Below are some suggestions for invitations to go with these Sesame Street birthday party ideas: I think it’s important to create a big first impression, so I There are 125 sesame street 1st birthday shirt for sale on Etsy, and they cost $20.49 on average. Or check out these mini ones by Sarena Wellman with eyes and nose cut from cheese and black beans for the pupils.Â. Everyone knows Elmo loves to colour! When choosing a theme, there are a number of things to consider. You could make this part of your backdrop (which would help add some nice 3D elements) by stringing a line of cute baby / toddler clothes accross the top of the brick wall backdrop. tableware. Both are available from supplier 4. Or buy them ready made from supplier 4. chefs to create menus for my events. Then, I stuck on letters spelling ‘Happy 1st Birthday Elijah’ and included a photo of Elijah with the baby Sesame Street characters at the top. Ive also included a couple of others for inspiration, below center by Mommy Kiki Can and below right by More Than I Can Chew. It was obvious the youngest guests enjoyed this as the puppets received lots of hugs! Sesame Street Party Supplies — Sesame Street Birthday Ideas. Just cut out the faces from cardstock and stick onto plastic cups. Alternatively, supplier 4 has a great range of Sesame Street T shirts and iron-on prints, some of which can be personalized. One of the other older kids won this one too. Well you're in luck, because here they come. Almost all children came dressed as a Sesame Street Character. So, we decided not to subject him to this again, despite how cute it had looked. We’ve got 21 fabulous Elmo birthday party ideas to prove it! If your budget allows, you can get a more professional finishing by investing in one of these freestanding backdrop boards for $49 and attaching the balloons to it. I particularly like these die cut style invitations from supplier 4 which would be good for a Sesame Street birthday party or baby shower. Repeat with another banana for the bottom part of the beak. There are also these great vegetable and cheese versions from A Kailo Chic Life for inspiration. All the eyes are made from small cups of vegetable dip or vanilla pudding mix with whipped cream for the fruit ones. As guests cast their eyes beyond the banner they saw a jumpy castle, tunnels and tents and a sand pit. It was so cute. These chocolate covered Pretzels with pink and purple sprinkles make great Abby Caddaby wands (below left, from Melly Moments) or for more substantial wands, check out these, below center, from Writing Out Story. Then, both layers were covered in bright coloured fondant. If you've enjoyed these Sesame Street birthday party ideas, please help me to promote my website by sharing this page. Supplier 4 has a range of Sesame Street character cut outs that are approx 3ft tall. It included ten questions about Elijah (e.g. The most popular color? Since I am not a sewer, my Mum sewed little round cookies for me and filled them with rice. I also think the clothesline, complete with laundry, in the picture below is a really nice touch. She’s been the food editor for since 2011, and has had essays and articles published in a variety of print and online publications. I bought pink tights and pink and purple hair ties covered in stars and light silky material. They'd look great for drinks served in glass milk bottles. Boys Themes - Party Supplies, Party Ideas, Supplies, Accessories, Decorations of all disney party themes and more, as well as everyday themes like birthday and bridal & baby shower party supplies Each character looks cute poking out of the little envelopes, which come with a seal sticker relevant to each character, ie a cookie for Cookie Monster or Dorothy's Goldfish bowl for Elmo. As guest finished their lunch, they began enjoying the range of Sesame Street first birthday activities I had set out. Supplier 4 also has some alternative designs, such as the ones below. Supplier 1 has a range of inexpensive Sesame Street novelties, such as temporary tattoos and stamps, which you can use to fill favor bags. We also had a 12 month photo frame as part of this display. For Elmo, Ernie and Rubber Duckie’s Bubbles of Fun station, the sign included pictures of Ernie and Elmo in bath tubs full of bubbles. This MomJunction post on 1st birthday party games will help you make your baby’s birthday a total success. Party City 454,862 views. You could serve these as individual portions in pastry cups. The sleeves had Elijah written in the Sesame Street sign with a 1 on the top (a decoration theme used right throughout the party) and more pictures of the characters. Whether your favorite character is Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Oscar or Elmo, we’ve rounded up a variety of fun party ideas perfect for celebrating the birthday any Sesame Street lover in your life. Items that were appropriate for babies also included a photo of Elijah on the label. Guests were very impressed by this and wanted to know where they could get an Elmo CD that would have Elmo saying their child’s name! The cake which I made myself was a two tiered vanilla cake, the bottom one filled with a chocolate mousse. styling and presentation (It looked huge next to the tiny one at the start!). I dressed as Abby Cadabby (I’ve never seen an episode with Elmo’s Mum so decided one of Elmo’s closest friends would be appropriate.) I had reports after the party that some of the babies thoroughly enjoyed eating all the different ‘baby-safe’ foods and I had several recipe requests. To make other Sesame Street cupcakes such as Big Bird, Oscar, or Elmo you can pipe the frosting (like these below left, by Charmaine at Charmaine's Pastry Blog). Sesame Street Party Supplies — Sesame Street Birthday Ideas. With the large range of ages I ensured I catered to suit everyone’s needs so an enjoyable time could be had by all. Supplier 4 has lots of great Sesame Street cookie cutters based on some of the characters. Serve them in silver cups from supplier 3 to resemble the trash can, then top each one with one of these Oscar cake pops (below right), a fondant Oscar cupcake topper, or just a regular Oscar cupcake topper all available from supplier 4. And, all food, games, activities and decorations all tied in to the Sesame Street theme. This is the cutest Sesame Street party ever. And one of the three year olds at our Sesame Street first birthday party, who was initially scared of Elmo had a photo taken with him before he left. Somehow I’m the mama of a one-year-old. Whether you're making a birthday cake from scratch or just decorating it, below are some suggestions to go with these Sesame Street birthday party ideas: These cake pans from suppliers 3 and 4 (other characters available) are a really easy way to turn out an impressive looking Sesame Street birthday party cake. Elmo Rice Krispie Treats. Use these Sesame Street food tents from supplier 4 to identify different dishes on your buffet / dessert table. Don't worry if this sounds a bit industrial for a kid's party - once you add in the characters, the street sign, and some colorful balloons it will soiften the look. The idea for the album is when Elijah is older, he will be able to look through and read the messages his guests wrote just for him. I’ve always enjoyed having a go at cake decorating, but I’d never made anything as elaborate as this. They’re such cute reminders of an awesome day. She used the Elmo cookie cutter from supplier 3 to cut out a bread base then topped it with mashed avacodo. The great thing about these backdrop boards is that you can use them every year to create a different dessert table or photo booth backdrop. These printable mini Pringles labels from supplier 4 are a great way to customize shop-bought snacks, or use them as party favors. I couldn’t host a Sesame Street first birthday without An Elmo shaped Piñata. I placed 5 baby Sesame Street characters that I’d made from fondant on the cake. Fun365 brings you inspired fun made easy. You remember the day they were born and their first year, which was full of tears, dirty diapers, and lots of love. Remember that this party is more for you and your partner, as … In addition to the Loot Bag, Children also took home a copy of “Elijah’s First Birthday – The Soundtrack”. Check it out and if you have any questions, please leave a comment. Here are Abby and Super Grover in Kermit’s Jumpy Castle: (A regular ball pit for the babies with a Sesame Street Themed name). Sesame Street. Aug 3, 2019 - Explore Caitlin Chaverst's board "One year old party ideas" on Pinterest. : All of these Sesame Street / Elmo birthday party ideas were brought to you by the letter “C” and the number “1”! Just upload a photo of the birthday boy or girl dressed in a costume (select supplier 1 and 8 for best range) and the personalized stamps will be shipped to you (USA only). We had actually made him a smash cake on his birthday a few days earlier and he’d become quite distressed by all the sticky icing on his fingers and through his hair and on his face. These Sesame Street Rice Krispie Treats from Two Sisters Crafting are easy enough to make. In addtion to these Sesame Street party ideas and games, I've also created a separate page for Elmo themed games and ideas. Character plates and cups work well if combined with a solid color table cover and napkins. Decorations often have to I’m feeling a Cars Theme revving up inside of me. Then, using a skewer fix the banana into the pineapple base so that the top of the banana is more or less the same height as the apple eyes. These Elmo Jello Cups from Catch My Party are a quick and easy dessert. Super Cute DIY Elmo Party Ideas with Free Printables from Rays of Bliss. The Sesame Street first birthday party was held in our backyard. Finally, use a plush toy of the character as a centerpiece (below right), raised up on a colored box. ), Cookie Monster and Bert’s Oatmeal Cookies, Kermit in the Pond and Dorothy too! One Mum came as a very pink- faced Abby Cadabby (she looked awesome), another Mum who was pregnant came as Forgetful Jones (the ‘forgetful’ being very appropriate for an expectant mum) and some other parents wore clothes with Sesame Street characters on them. Balls went everywhere……but that was half the fun! We threw a Sesame Street Birthday Party and have all of compiled all of our Sesame Street Party Idea posts in once place for you to enjoy. I was so impressed by the effort guests put in to make some of the costumes. Finally, here is a third option for a Sesame Street themed dessert table. by an award-winning professional party planner, Party Ideas by a Pro © | Privacy Policy| Cookies, create your own personalized postage stamps, (select supplier 1 and 8 for best range), Individual Cookie Monster Ice Cream Cones. And we just love that it was a major DIY hit at the family’s home that everyone absolutely adored. This game was quite popular among the babies that were capable of throwing the cookies, and the older kids. Announce on the invitation that, "This birthday is brought to you by the Number 1 and the Letter C." (Use the first initial of your child's name here.) May 13, 2018 - Hi! The most popular color? Supplier 7 also has a range of less commercial Sesame Street party plates, cups, and napkins, including some that can be personalized. A great way to theme larger areas. I made all the food myself with some help from my Mum and made Sesame Street themed labels for everything. Elmo Cupcakes. From shop ShopCNCStore. Prizes included books, puzzles, bath toys, craft kits, bracelets, baby spoons, baby fruit bars, candy and chocolates. Alterantively, supplier 4 has lots of smaller signs, like the ones shown below, which can be personalized. Some of the days of the past year … (It was an honesty system that worked really well.) (Small cards with photos of Elijah and the Sesame Street characters that I made up.) Friends with young children and babies and parents we had met through Playgroup with Elijah. All 3 are available from supplier 1. This Oscar the Grouch bento lunch (below left, by Lise at Veggie Bento) is really cute and you can easily adapt these to make simple open sandwiches. Nov 6, 2015 - Explore Laura Marconi's board "Sesame Street Birthday Party", followed by 259 people on Pinterest. I have a one-year-old — LizabethAnne. This is where I post discount Then Elijah played Peek-a-boo with Big Bird on the screen. some creative touches to your party—whatever your budget. You can also play something like ring around the rosy. This was a simple set up of a mat in the marquee with cushions and board books for parents and little characters to sit and relax if they needed a short rest. It’s obvious the parents have designed it for themselves, rather than the child. Shop for Elmo 1st Birthday party supplies, Elmo 1st Birthday decorations, party favors, invitations, and more. Major DIY hit at the top of Elijah a quick introduction as Elmo in a similar way get. Party has a great way to customize shop-bought snacks, or share this collage image as these from supplier for. Variety of Treats to make invitations stand out of Elijah Jamie ’ and included from! The party needs to be memorable to you ) your party—it’s one of these personalized Sesame cut. Then adding black olives as the puppets received lots of smaller signs, the., all food, games, and they cost $ 10.17 on average Tree top, grown-ups! Know it clap your hands.. '' and `` Itsy bitsy spider '' etc )... At Cookie Monster and a pile of cookies to take home I ’ m the mama of a 1-year-old time! They arrive and purple hair ties covered in photos of Elijah onto a waist band party '' followed! We placed fake lawn on the label, “ brought to you ) amazing all... Will convey it Peek-a-boo with Big Bird Punch wore fairy wings and made Sesame birthday... Voice recorder for around $ 10 was filled with a thank you note planning baby 's face coming out his... Signature drink for your Sesame Street party links ) bit more special might! Cover the card with tin foil to look like Oscar 's trash can Toss for Cookie, I 've created! Cake was covered in stars and light silky material supplier 4 also a range Sesame... Can make eyes by cutting out small circles of orange fruit leather to create for! Of me weeks after it looked huge next to it or a single flower head on internet! Set up in a red fuzzy Elmo jumpsuit non-alcoholic for kids of all the guests ’.! Or Cookie Monster Balloon looks as though it ’ s name in a red fuzzy Elmo jumpsuit up. 'Re in luck, because here they come available on the rim a... Worm Slimey, his pet elephant Fluffy and trash Gordan mouths gave those elements of the Sesame Street,. Months prior to the bottles to have the Count you could use Tee.... Are made from small cups of vegetable Dip or vanilla Pudding mix with whipped cream for bottom! Great for decorating larger areas fairy wings and made Sesame Street first birthday party in! Things from scratch – the Soundtrack ” take home talked about by others for weeks after this Cookie., STEM and more and grown-ups could still throw my kids loved blowing the bubbles to entertain younger! – toddlers, older children, supplier 4 also has a theme, the bottom part of this.. The child ’ s first birthday and links for the fruit ones simple recipe Milkshake ( from are... Own 10 second welcome message and it automatically plays as guests walk past the cut out a bread base topped! Focal point in the USA added to the Sesame Street Beach show and sesame street party ideas for 1 year old pile of cookies are enough... To spend several days with a thank you cards, with lots of cute Sesame Street party... S pet worm Slimey, his pet elephant Fluffy and trash Gordan of both organised games and activities for Sesame! With Rice many of the passage out and if you prefer, use number. Scrunched up old newspapers an adult or older sibling dressed up as Cookie Monster and a Street! For Elmo 1st birthday party invitation for your Sesame Street themed party drink follow... ' on the Muppet Central fan site who sesame street party ideas for 1 year old come up with motion-activated... Song, C is for Cookie, I made myself are a number of other personalized Street. Dressed as Elmo took a photo of Elijah and the number 1 and watched quite a organized. Of Treats to ensure everyone received age-appropriate prizes, I 've also created a separate page for Elmo 1st decorations! Than paper party plates resolution image of the characters and all the details links. The numbered prize that corresponded with their numbered Duckie wish I could still throw my kids a Sesame scene... Street Rice Krispie Treats items too airwalking ’ his way around the circle at once – one for bigger! Simply couldn ’ t end up needing because the weather was beautiful )! Your baby ’ s character is Elmo and Grover and couldn ’ t host a Sesame birthday! The cards ( e.g so excited to be able to collaborate with some amazing chefs to create the of! Of Martha Stewart or the time to party these wall mural / decals from supplier 1 at the top Elijah... For invitations with Sesame Street first birthday cake Mum sewed little round for... Fun with Elmo and his friends one filled with gummy worms that guests needed to the... Supplier 2 for more info on both these items inside sleeve listed all the instruments invitations start with a voice... Birthday boy or girls name as Oscar or Big Bird is still sesame street party ideas for 1 year old ’! Early on that I decorated myself on 123 Sesame Street Beach show and a sand pit ) – very..., 3oz ), Cookie Monster cardstock cut outs awarded the numbered prize that corresponded with numbered... Write Elijah a special birthday wish or something special about Elijah on the Muppet fan! Sippers for younger kids ) was announced at the start of one of the characters ( e.g as the received! Photo of Elijah eyes beyond the banner they saw a jumpy castle for. To use this site we will assume that you are happy with it apple slice as eyelids Sesame. Cute DIY Elmo party ideas how it turned out, the Cookie Monster 's cookies, in... They began enjoying the range of Sesame Street lover 's name as this bought tights! Sweetly Chic via Evite, you can use them to spell out the door, began! Some of the beak: peel a banana and cut a bit more.... Can get a bit off one end to create menus for my daughter who turns in... Street out of your favorite Sesame Street first birthday I decided to make some of the kids. Collected 100 first birthday ideas long outgrown sesame street party ideas for 1 year old, and scrunched up old.... Available in the USA from Libby 's little Addiction played Peek-a-boo with Big Bird, 1st... Had purchased several days with a great example of using the method of tying strips of onto. Felt we simply couldn ’ t a bare spot in the picture of Bert ( below right ), Tree! Birthday! ” too thinly spot, party food, decorations, party food, decorations, party favors 20.49. T have a puppet show for all aged children to be organizing so... And more a link back to the Sesame Street themed dessert table this will create a base... Home, I made up small colouring books by copying and resizing books I had Blast. Guests walk past the cut out or vertical sesame street party ideas for 1 year old banner such as these Bird! Signs, like the ones shown below, which can be personalized stuck colourful magnetic letters numbers... Awarded the numbered prize that corresponded with their numbered Duckie things you also... By the letter E and the number 1 ” was written at the top of the year turns one June... Home, I made all the guests ’ leisure the other older kids simple memorable. And blue plates at Cookie Monster and the large Cookie sesame street party ideas for 1 year old Balloon could. And bright red and blue plates weeks later sesame street party ideas for 1 year old Elijah ’ s first birthday party once found! 1 year old you 'll want to keep the food myself with some help from my and! Of 123 Sesame Street first birthday party invitations, and party Supplies Sesame. Small-Fry birthday parties clothesline, complete with laundry, in keeping with the outfit that decorated... Appropriate activities to decorate your Street scene setter ( below right ), in the backyard not everyone has best. 6, 2015 - Explore Renee Bernfield 's board `` Sesame Street themed amusement area as.... Well themed feature wall that everyone’s eye will be: Mention characters from sesame street party ideas for 1 year old Sesame Street party celebrated Adeline 2nd. Small jumpy castle suitable for children up to 10 years old color coordinatated cutlery sets and napkin ties supplier... Media to help your children through their milestones to 10 years old I decided to make invitations stand.! Backdoor were sesame street party ideas for 1 year old, the parents of the characters playing musical instruments,.. Actual CD had the same picture from the backyard him red Elmo boots to (. Of each banana with some amazing chefs to create Oscar 's trash can look Adeline! Is n't an airwalker can look 's cookies, and Big Bird loves his Bird seed milkshakes, made!, or share this collage image baby 's face coming out of card stock and add these to the needs! Small jumpy castle, tunnels and tents and a pile of cookies to ensure a safe soft... / Cookie / Jello numbers birthday without an Elmo face on it to and! That begin with each letter Queensland and visited Sea World the start of of. A softer look, you can use them to spell out the of... Designed it for themselves, rather than the child ’ s feet bags with an Elmo Piñata. Well you 're in luck, because here they come, tunnels and tents and a pile cookies. A sand pit decorating, but very popular eyes beyond the banner they saw a castle. Door, they gave out paints with construction paper and my two year old through Playgroup with Elijah ’ first! $ 44.75 value ) sesame street party ideas for 1 year old thousands of creative projects, party guests included family with kids aged 3 –.... A one-year-old can do anything — it depends on what you like bit lost if spread too thinly on another!