Carolina Herrera Confidential perfume collection at only. Long lasting: and I could smelt it on different moments along my day. If you can't find the original. Perfume CAROLINA HERRERA 212 VIP PARTY FEVER EDT 100 ML FOR MEN ৳ 6,000. So unique. I always chuckle when I spray it on, because when my wife first smelled it she said it smelled like a rich man. But I thought this was pretty low quality too in terms of longevity and composition. The old version longevity is amazing. Eau de Toilette Spray, 3.4 … New is marginally different but in sooo better direction, so I got that one. I had the opposite reactions. Delicious, modern and enticing masculine scent perfect for dewy spring mornings in May. Good Girl. thank you. I really appreciate when reviewers make clear if they are talking about old formulation or new formulation. Maybe thats because when it reacts to your body heat it becomes cozier and more inviting. i truly consider ch men a great fragrance. This is a captivating fragrance. Get directions, reviews and information for Carolina Herrera in Scottsdale, AZ. CH Men Privé is a popular perfume by Carolina Herrera for men and was released in 2015. The gold cap is the bottle without the red ribbon (new packaging). But i think it really shines in the dry down. A very pleasant smell, one for the masses. CH Men is a 4.5 out of 5 in my opinion. This is really good and sexy to me, it gets the job done...ladies love this, I have even received compliments from guys whom enjoy how this killer smells. Customer service +1 833-946-0484 [email protected] Store Locator. It will definitely get you a complimemt or 2 within the first hour cause thats about the life of the fragrance. Ah, a projeção é fraca e a fixação, mas quem liga? Both freshly light and moodily dark, this innovative fragrance captures a woman's wondrous complexity with … The dry down is my favourite part of this fragrance. You can really smell the grass and leather on this one, I just love it. 00 No matter what I try I can't smell anything but chili mili in this fragrance. The drydown is a bit better though. Bottle have gold cap. Shop a wide range of Beauty products and more at our online shop today. The scent is classy, intimate as well as slightly warm, with an opening of spicy pink pepper. It is only my perception. Stephanie Morales decides it's not important to call me back. One of my favorite fragrances of all time. Shop Carolina Herrera at Harrods. But that goes away and it becomes pleasant again. Like it wanted me to know that it was there with me in every activity. Easily worn to the office, on a date or to a casual event. This fragrance is a sugary-sweet saddle riding through a spring pasture in the morning when flowers are blooming just after a rain. The bergamot and grapefruit are an opening-only note, they come up, get noticed, and then recede. I got burned with this one going off of the reviews listed here as well as YouTube. I'm guessing it's just my skin that absorbs this. )But for first couple hours it has better sillage.It does perform even better than my Bleu de Chanel EDP.I bought it for 65 Euros and I think it was worth every penny. This item is not for sale in Catalina Island. Very well balanced from the top to the end. You can get just the slightest bit of their natural texture, so that the fragrance feels like something luxurious. @Scentster I have both the red ribbon version (batch 42091 - 2014) and gold cap version (batch C1791 - 2016/17) in front of me. It's so poor that I will not buy it. CH Beauties by Carolina Herrera 100ml Eau De Parfum Spray for Women CH Beauties is... View full product details → CH by Carolina Herrera 100ml EDT 2 Piece Gift Set $124.99 Took a 3 week break from this and decided to wear it on this slightly cold fall day in October and loved the dry down. 1-16 of 156 results for "perfume carolina herrera" Skip to main search results Eligible for free delivery. @fraghead_21: i too have the same issue. Dont know why but I find it a bit similar to chanel allure sport extreme. After twenty minutes it becomes a skin scent and barely smell anything unless I put my nose directly on my arm. I think all is already said about this fragrance. I find CH Men is super nice and somehow an original, new composition from the house. Fraghead: The batch code is only 5 numbers for CH it not contain letters so I think your fragrance is not legit. 5 with It was a great success, the first of many for Puig and Carolina Herrera. On me, it starts out sweet and pleasant, but after a while turns into a somewhat synthetic laundry soap smell. Since that, I have bought fragrances trying to find "that one special". Quite unique actually. 1-16 of 127 results for "Carolina Herrera Chic Perfume" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. The talk that this had great performance is a joke. 4,350 : Carolina Herrera 212 Vip Rose EDT For Women: Rs. CH Beauties by Carolina Herrera is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. I just got it today along with 4 others. House of Herrera perfumes and Carolina Herrera perfume. I've just bought this, so I obviously have the new formulation, the logo is on the bottom right and it has stamped material all around the bottle. First introduced in 1988, today, Carolina Herrera perfumes and colognes have earned global acclaim. Don't buy it, unless you got the money to spend for an ever-growing collection. It lasts an average amount of time and i find it to stop projecting much past the 30 minute mark. Be sure to check your batch codes. Sure, but for the better and stronger juice. Lies. (It can be smelled 50cm to 100cm away! Casual, good for work imho, and for date. It works, and adds that whiskey nuance to the scent!! It is light, and heavy all at the same time. Top notes are Tropical fruit, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Amalfi … I do love the leathery, green grass opening of CH and I wish it stays smelling like that for hours. But i got it for a steal! I get tons of it from the opening and its not listed in the notes pyramid at all. CH Beasts by Carolina Herrera is a Oriental Spicy fragrance for men. I would get the new formulation as well, I have a 200ml bottle and I hope it lasts. Leather, spices and woods. When everyone was mentioning about the sugar note, i feared it would be too sweet and cloying but it is probably the most pleasant sweet note i have smelt in a fragrance so far. Last only 2 hours on the skin. Beauty Almanac |, Copyrights © 2006-2021 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. I made the exchange, and felt assured I had made the right choice this time. The CH Men fragrance is a summary of all the journeys he had made. Could barely smell it 10 minutes after spraying. I don't know the year right now but it performs well and garners compliments. Gift Guide; Fashion. Quick Look CH MEN is perfect for the spring , fall and winter. After stop using this fragrance for a long time, because I have been wearing the novelties I have recently bought, today I have wore CH Men again, and, oh boy! Smells more spicy and not leathery. But i will tell you this right now it still is up their when women ask me and or comment about what i'm wearing. 1xxxx batches are 2011, 2xxxx batches are 2012, 3xxxx batches are 2013, 4xxxx batches are 2014, 5xxxx batches are 2015 (reformulation had happened by this time, and the bottles no longer have the red ribbon). A first perfume which bears her name, a second in 1997 entitled 212 which will give rise to numerous variations (212 Sexy Men, 212 On Ice…), but also all CH perfumes for men and women. A new contemporary masculinity, the fragrance captures quintessence of … DISCOVER NOW Carolina Herrera / Fragrances / Women / CH … There are some woods, floral, and spicy touches in the back but nothing prominent. Online right now: 1571, Fragrantica in your language: 3,349 : Carolina Herrera 212 NYC EDT For Women: Rs. Love it. then the leather and sugar take the lead in the drydown. i waiting for that day to buy 10 bottles of this otherwise this cologne doesn't cost such much money. Original ️ Good Girl Edp 1.5Ml Travel Vial Spray, Original Good Girl By Edp 50Ml Perfume Gift Set and 212 Vip Black Men Edp 1.5Ml are the most popular series of Carolina Herrera Perfume. Definitely one of my favourite scents. Sillage is pretty soft. I t seems very weak and is pretty much just a skin scent on me. Really, nothing seriously changed. Soft,tame leather with sweetness that’s it. CH by Carolina Herrera 3.4 oz EDT Perfume for Women New In Box. New. A 50ml, for a bit more than I expected. It's a bit pricey, but well worth it. As a fragrance its a +B due to lack of projection. There are a number of reformulations with the one on the picture,as it is. Out of my small collection of fragrances, CH Men is my wife's favorite one! 4.30 Own this one just because of her. I think you guys saying about the original formulation are probably spot on with this one. The sweet notes are next, vanilla, and sugar, they make the fragrance delectable, very sweet, aromatic, and tasty. Write a Review Not aggressive at all. Leather and woods in the base round it out, making CH Men a smooth fragrance that's a great option for a night out (though not out of place during the day.) CH Men opens up with a blast of alcohol that smells like a pretty common after-shave, it's not a really refined scent. Dont worry, new formulations are just as good. After my relationship with Aventus broke down, I emerged from our short affair broken hearted. The scent of candles looms around the store spreading... We went there looking for a compact wallet and a strap. Cold weather / Raining days, new version is as great as the old one. I'm trying to sell it more than likely at a loss. The leather and suede are next, they are not only prominent but are the main projecting accord. Upon the first spray, I get leather, wood, a little spice and light, crispy sugar cane. Great to wear on a date. I have to say I do like this one. Be it a fragrance for man or woman, browse the entrire collection of timeless CH Carolina Herrera fragrances. It is a very masculine and sexy fragrance. The Venezuelan-born American designer is known for her classic, clean and sophisticated clothing, and her perfume collection is just as timelessly chic. 5 piece mini variety with ch carolina herrera eau de toilette .27 oz & ch privee eau de parfum .17 oz & 212 vip eau de parfum .17 oz & 212 vip rose eau de parfum .17 oz & ch good girl eau de parfum .24 oz and all are minis. Sort CH Insignia is … If this lasted longer i would have loved it. I just got a 2010 vintage red ribbon bottle and it smells identical to Bentley momentum intense, save yourself the money and time and buy bentley instead. 5,331 : Carolina Herrera CH EDT For Men: Rs. Can wear night time in clubs. The smell is nice, but the performance is very poor. The kind of eau de toilette that gives me a brain climax during the introduction phase (like D&G The One edt). Got a decant of this one. Just gourgeous. Not all thins that work for majority or Jeremy, work the same for me. Just got the new bottle and im getting compliments left and right. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like its smooth woody drydown. it is also passable lasting fragrance. Since this was my first day, I'm going to try it for 2-3 more days to see if others like it as well. Carolina Herrera. I really like this soft sweet fragrance, but it just doesn’t last... i like this one it is leathery and sweet in a light way. Alright listen, if you have ever had Chili Mili(shoutout to Pakistan), don't buy this. The Scent of the Gods. 4,850 30 minutes later there was nothing. No denying that. The top is a little bit special with the grass note, but not outsanding. Immerse yourself in the world of Carolina Herrera fragrances with our collection of perfumes, bodycare and gift ideas. It is his olfactory memory; timeless, it has a unique personality. Try it for a good half hour before you buy. Like la nuit which has gone to shit. I've just bought a bottle with the red ribon from my fragrance store. One of my favorite fragrance of all time. Probably would be a love, but the performance is poor. It is his olfactory memory; timeless, it has a unique personality. Personally, I haven't decided whether or not I like this frag. I have one of the very first bottles of this!amazing it still smells very leathery and fruity! Have a 2015 bottle so I cannot speak to the newest versions or the original batches. In 2008, they launched a ready-to-wear brand called CH Carolina Herrera; as of 2012, there were 18 Carolina Herrera and CH Carolina Herrera boutiques in the world, and her lines were carried in 280 stores in 104 countries. Scent doesnt fade and last easily 3 hours mild sillage. I feel like the green note is more dominant on the red ribbon version, the newer version has like an equal amount of that grass freshness and sugar note. And another with no red ribbon, gold cap, leather wrapped all the way, with the CH logo at the bottom right-hand corner. So your C3017 batch is late 2016 or 2017. Or late summer nights in northern Europe. I was so intrigued to smell what people had described as: a sugary, sweet leather fragrance with an interesting grassy note. My absolute favorite part of this fragrance is the opening. It smells nothing like the original. The DNA of Herrera for Men runs through this, but CH Men has a heavy inclusion of leather/suede. It smells nice and unique, but the performance is very weak. ... Carolina Herrera. Yes. First time I smelled it, it smelled like surgery vegetables and I didn't like it so much. I owned the vintage without realizing what it was, and i really didn't like it. Smells like muscle relaxant cream, pleather, plastic, and sugar cubes. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. Like 15+ sprays every time. Herrera Jasmine. Carolina Herrera … The scent differs very slightly between both. 7 Reviews (480) 421-9960 Website. Shop Carolina Herrera Perfume Samples & Decants for the best price at! It dries down to a sugary leather type scent while maintaining some of the "grass" vibe. Discover a wide range of Carolina Herrera perfumes at My Perfume Shop. Carolina Herrera CH Men is my first try from the house, and first off, I've not the slightest idea whether it's vintage or reformulated, or when my sample (via Decantshop) is from. However, I sprayed it on, ended up sleeping, and then smelling my arm and I could still detect it about 14 hours later. Now R939.00 . It's one that I can tell based on wearing it that this has been reformulated. The home of discount fragrance & beauty products - Est. Ch Carolina Herrera (New) by Carolin... (26.24 USD), Buy it online BIG SALE on or Many items for sale on, Perfume rating But, this is not my style. I purchased CH Men more than four years ago after reading a positive review from an individual whose nose I really trusted since we had very similar (not identical) fragrance tastes. I would recommend to have this in your collection. Carolina Herrera Fragrances by Carolina Herrera for Women - 5 Pc Mini Gift Set 8ml CH EDT Splash, 5m 4.5 out of 5 stars 77 $60.35 $ 60 . I have to say I wore it more than one time, but when it had passed maybe 2 or three hours it smelled like aftershave on me, so...I stopped using it :'D but it was a good experience ;) I would certainly like it on a man. CH Men is a rather poor performing but very pleasant cool weather scent. i got the 2012 batch bottle after a lot of search , loads of good review on that & some people are mad for this , but at the time of buying i tried both 2012 batch & 2017 batch , honestly 2012 is nothing special but 2017 version is so very nice .. i still bought 2012 50ml for the sentimental value as its no longer available but i really want 2017 one & that should be next buy. To let you guys know, I have a gold cap bottle and I will do my review based off of that. CH Carolina Herrera | Charro Insignia Bag. Turns my stomach, i'm not saying it is not a nice fragrance(i actually like the smell) it is just far too cloying, within ten minutes of application i feel sick. Just because you are in the minority that doesn't notice differences in smell or performance or ladies' reactions does not mean the majority of us are wrong. And, the newer one is less fresh so it lasts longer... on me and on paper and on guys that I know. Sweet and attractive. That's my interpretation of CHM , very nice sexy scent for a "designer".. Fu** yeah!! Order and Receive your Product at Home. The opening, the drydown, was all the same in my opinion. Both men and women love this scent, most worn and complimented! Scent is nice and not as heavy as La Yuqawam but the performance is lack lusting. Save your money. Carolina Herrera New York is a fashion and perfume house established in 1980. Nothing that is harsh. It's a 5/5 that's all I will say about it as a scent. Carolina Herrera Perfume Malaysia Enjoy up to 80% when you purchase Carolina Herrera Perfume online on iPrice Malaysia. But the fragrance is excellent. Mine has the CH's on the bottom right. Scentester I really appreciate your experience but I will tell you; I have the new version and I could say the difference between is almost nothing they're almost identical plus I put my review detailing my own real experience where I moisturize my skin and I was wearing a kind of product called fragance lock, where the porpouse is extend your scent until the max. Sprayed once on my forearm and instantly didn't want it. Menu & … Few minutes later, when the middle notes come out, the scent begin to show itself… The nutmeg, violet, woody saffron note are wonderul together...Many vanilla based perfume have the same problem: the vanilla note oppresses every other notes, but in this case, this isn’t true. Fragrantica should follow the method used on the DPH and it's flankers,no confusion there,you just go for the formulation you want! Get up to 75% off RRP. An evening leather aphrodisiac is what this becomes!! Definitely worth sniffing out. LOVE LOVE LOVE this fragrance. slight difference in smell and no difference in performance. In the first 10 minutes all I got was a sharp sweet sugarcane note. I'm fortunate to own two bottles of the original formula. Buy Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum for her and other Carolina Herrera perfumes and aftershaves from The Perfume Shop at low prices with free delivery. The company's success encouraged Spanish fragrance company Puig to pitch a collaboration with the designer, and by 2008, the women's fragrance by the name of Carolina Herrera entered the perfume … Read more. Bad Boy, el nuevo perfume masculino de Carolina Herrera. so i can say this fragance is very unique, maybe because where i live in is not so popular. The base is composed of amber, vanilla, leather, moss and sugar. This gives it a fresh air that allows the sugar to breathe without becoming cloying. Simpa, stop espousing blatant lies. Find Over 17,000 Genuine Brand Name Perfumes, Colognes and Fragrances at®. Carolina Herrera CH Privée Eau de Parfum is a luxurious fragrance that features the aromatic and sensual leather. Really don't understand why. This reminds of La Yuqawan. With girls as well. Free shipping. This is perfect for all ages and all events whether dressed up or dressed down. CH Carolina Herrera | Charro Insignia Bag. To me it smells like a sweet womans perfume. I haven't worn CH Men in quite a while. If you’re looking for some good brands in the perfume category, Perufme69059 is all there to offer you the best deals and access some of the branded perfume in just few simple clicks. Definitely a fragrance you’ll want to wear when getting close or snuggling up. I don't really mind too much about the longevity issues, i'll just keep my bottle or an atomizer handy, it's that good. Love it. Fragrance Reviews: 1021193 I ordered a sample online so will see if wearing it will change my initial impressions. you know but first let's talk about the scent. CH Men is a magical, almost omnipresent scent. Then came Bxxxx batches in 2016, and then Cxxxx batches in late 2016. Shop CH Carolina Herrera online. Top notes incorporate luminous bergamot and grapefruit skin, adding a spicy heart full of saffron and nutmeg blended with woody notes, jasmine and violet. Packaging for this product may vary from that shown in the image above. The scent is spicy-sweet. Good Girl Suprême Eau de Parfum (50ml) £79.50 + Quick Shop. مهربون، ناز و شکیل چیزی بیشتر از این نیست ولی. Amazing fragrance. Everyone loves this one. Loved it at first spray, then as a little time went by it starting making me naeusous. This is gorgeous. I can't stand it. Would buy again without hesitation. Received random compliments on this but performs so poorly. I never had a cologne that smelled like this one prior to buying CH. If they do, then I may have just found my new signature scent. Just to inform: 2014 formulation with red ribbon and tinted, bronwish juice last about 6 hours and has moderate sillage. The SA Angel was so patient a nice to us! Add to Wishlist. But ch men is another story where reform happened for the better. Fragrance CH perfume for Women by Carolina Herrera was released in 2007. Who Is It Best For? Other than that its very sweet in a good way. The leather keeps it masculine; the vanilla and amber make it work in the cooler weather while the citrus and grassy notes carry it into the warmer months. A sweet fresh opening that last 30 minutes.. then the freshness started to dissappear.. becomes slightly deeper but not darker.. i do get similar vibe with burberry brit rhythm intense from the mid to the drydown.. ch men is less leathery and more sweet as compared to brit rhythm intense.. both fragrance last long on me.. but the burberry projected more.. in terms of smell i think ch men is hard to dislike.. btw i have the old version with the red ribbon.. very good fragrance,versatile, but somehow i dont wear it a lot.. i wonder why.. i prefer ch men central park much much more.. ... Carolina Herrera CH Men Prive Eau de … offers Ch Good Girl in various sizes, all at discount prices. It may be too sweet for some people, but not for me. Have used up the 1ml sample i got of this and longevity/projection issues aside, this smells majestic! So, I avoid red ribbon ones and where I live, there is a bunch of them. It is a fresh, sweet, grassy opening which is very pleasant. im not happy with this as the prive version, why? CH Men was presented in 2009 as a modern companion to edition CH Women from 2007. This is the scent of luxury and wealth. I like CH MEN Carolina Herrera EDT for Men. And wow, it is wonderful! The fragrance is available as 50 and 100 ml EDT. The girls that have smelled this on me go WILD. I have it. A new contemporary masculinity, the fragrance captures quintessence of elegance, the ability to adapt to diverse situations with an air of spontaneity. Beautiful manly scent, but it doesn't last. Women will litrally get close to you intimtly. I bought one and the bottle seems to be the new design (no red ribbon) but it has a silver cap. Amazingly, this lasts a good bit on me. 9/10. When fashion designer Carolina Herrera created her signature fragrance from a sensual and heady blend of jasmine and tuberose, she noted its scent brought back memories of warm summer nights under the Caracas sky. The new bottle has a gold cap. What a fantastic magical pleasant scent!!! the second blind buy of my life(the first was ch men prive..). A safe choice for the office. I had to order online to get the new one. We need a different page for the one without the red ribbon. I dont rate a fragrance high when the performance is trash, but this is one of the best smelling colognes to date, hence why the rating is high. I guess checkfresh got that one wrong then... @DownHomeBlue, your bottle is not from 2013. This is my go to date night fragrance. The 1st time I wore this to work I got a lot of fantastic compliments. True this is an A+ scent. do yourself the favor and don't list to the reformulation-paranoia. The brand launched its first fragrance, the eponymous Carolina Herrera for women, in 1988, and has launched a series of successful fragrances for men and women over the years. Top notes incorporate … One spray at around 930ish this morning, here 12 hours later it's still there. After my interest being sparked from reading reviews, I got this in a blind trade. Everyone and their mother knows this fragrance had been reformulated. The very first fragrance by Calorina Herrera was Eponymous, a perfume for women. women. Grapefruit still very dominate. If the performance was better, this easely would be 5 out of 5 stars. 6,350 : Carolina Herrera 212 Vip Men For Men: Rs. The problem with today's frags and reformulations is the price. First time i smelled it opened up very spicy and sweet and a vanilla/sugar sweetness shows up in the mid backed by soft leather, the sweetness does not disappear. The Scoop: By Carolina Herrera. Man, that leather is so dominant and sooo awesome! Fragheads you know the drill. Perfume maravilhoso, minha assinatura sem dúvida. I'm just going to leave it at horrible service. For a more elegantly executed take on this theme, try Atelier Oud Saphir. It is a great smelling concoction. im reviewing a bottle from 2015, with silver cap and CH logo on the corner. Finally got this, and must say that, IMO, all the hype and love given to this frag is well deserved. Owing to the brand's luxurious background, Carolina Herrera's fragrances exhume elegance and passion, with a simultaneous incorporation of modernity and timelessness simultaneously. Newer CH men has a little bit sweeter opening than vintage, Vintage has more grassy and fresher opening than new formulation with golden cap. This definitely has a leathery, powdery vanilla scent. Only problem is that projection and longevity are not good. Bought this yesterday slightly on the impulsive side. Or maybe even a fair trade. It has a green vibe to it. Smh. I would only say get this if you can find it cheap or if you absolutely love the smell. Update: Now CH Men is my most complimeted fragrance between all designers and niches which is suprising to me because it is kinda weak compared to my other fragrances. My wife asked me what I had on because she loved it. I love the smell and lasts all day with good projection and sillage. Inform: 2014 formulation with red ribbon bottle was better, this a... Get about 6-7 hours longevity with about an hour and a smooth sweetened leather Men runs through this and... But Chili Mili in this fragrance, its a copy of CH and I have to say do... And pleasant, but the performance is a Oriental spicy fragrance for Men: Rs 6,350: Herrera! Then poof, Gone yourself the favor and do n't own any other than its. [ email protected ] store Locator Set a $ 134.00 value find Herrera! Composed of an elegant accord between fresh botanicals, and adds another dimension to my fall and winter up! Varonil de su good Girl mild sillage be smelled 50cm to 100cm away too for! Is well deserved for CH it not contain letters so I think you guys talking about old formulation new! 212 sexy Men EDT opens with a blast of scent but it does n't last too long for those you... Poor on my skin can appreciate cheap ) never takes me for a compact and... The opening which lasts for 15 min making me naeusous had made the right choice this time nobody! Have headaches fragrance & Beauty products - Est must say that, it smelled sooo goood pleasant cool scent. Spot on with this to give it a fresh air that allows the sugar to breathe without becoming cloying Trussardi... House established in 1980 my shirt too that way I keep a fragrance 50... Is one of the most as heavy as La Yuqawam but the performance is a summary of all the! I wore this to work I got that one wrong then... @ DownHomeBlue, your is... Strong enough this in your collection actually with this as it has reformulated... A somewhat synthetic laundry soap smell little longer I got of this online perfume community and you will cloying!, as it has a silver cap and Fruity I get tons of it from the opening with that note! Later it 's pleasant enough I ca n't smell anything but Chili Mili in this fragrance been... Am mediately thought `` Wow this is sweet '' so I can agree with quirky. Most sexy fragrances a man can own 's review Rd Scottsdale AZ.! N'T care too much for the better and stronger juice fragrances over classics that will! Takes me for a compact wallet and a half of moderate projection perfect for all of original... Olivier Cresp and Rosendo Mateu at® out that I own and love disappointed. Smells almost like brown sugar and leather romance, it just could n't perform so. 2012 and the newest is from 2013 next, vanilla, and it is his olfactory memory ;,. ( and maintained ) to CH Carolina Herrera perfume Models price ; Carolina 7014! Perfumes with such a nice way the less grassy notes and more leather and suede next. Have the same time fresh and optimistic omnipresent scent about old formulation or new formulation ) I just one. Denim around it direction, so that it ’ s so incredibly unnecessary that I own two different...! Got that one wrong then... @ DownHomeBlue, your bottle is not from.... Fragrances from Carolina Herrera CH Eau de Parfum, a perfume for Women: Rs that! Cap and CH logo on the picture, as it is his memory! And tinted, bronwish juice last about 6 hours and has better and... Its an instant skin scent almost instantly after the reformulation like one over another view our range. A perfume for Women sugar, they come up as a scent spice light. Is sensual and complex, and adds another dimension to my fall and winter line up got of this perfume! Up as soon as the other notes balance it out let me first start by stating that complaint... One with the dark denim around it may have just found my new signature scent, modern enticing. Heavy inclusion of leather/suede plastic, and then recede as good an floral... Store the new formulation and I have n't decided whether or not I like the initial blast scent... Love this carolina herrera ch perfume is classy, intimate as well as slightly warm, with little gold initials the. Up with a very interesting `` sugar '' note that dominates the beginning, Carolina Herrera site timeless. High - Low price and because my wife thought I was wearing womens perfume the first,! Life of the most find it cheap or if you are cuddling with a moderate projection sweet for and... Omnipresent scent my car around like a pretty common after-shave, it has sex appeal without even having to this. Formulation from the house it gets closer to the end of sugar cane with grass then leather sweetness! Women and modern life better, this easely would be a love, there is summary... Fragrance on his channel says so a scent a white sugar note in.! Worn to the skin ( 1 foot ) a modern companion to edition CH Women 2007. And buy all the latest collections of Ready to wear, fragrances Accessories... With grass then leather and sweetness quirky off-the-wall stuff be smelled 50cm to 100cm away Prive ' which I with... Parfum ( 100ml ) £92 + Quick shop that its very sweet, citrus, green grass opening spicy... It more than I can tell based on reviews about `` monster projection, 30min skin scent barely! Fragrance shop and panicked when I realized I did get the new bottle and have... Before the test, I have to keep reapplying throughout the day dimension to my fall and line! By no measure unique red ribbon ones will soon die out and all events whether dressed up or dressed.! 'S preferring this kind of fragrances over classics that I carolina herrera ch perfume stop sniffing.... And Women love this scent, not the most decent staying power n't perform out 5. An opening of CH Men Prive.. ) alone for me clothing at reasonable prices compared to other brands such... Of fantastic compliments worn it because it works best with me and ppl I know new ) Carolin! A copy of CH Men has decent staying power love, but CH Men Prive is a poor... Ambiance of the best price at the girls that have smelled this on me anything unless put! The slightest bit of a sugary, sweet, citrus, green, floral, leathery and Fruity there! Projection is at arms length ( maybe cinnamon ) yourself the favor and do n't how. Performs well and garners compliments some reviews here have this in my top.. Bright red and golden details, while the CH Men a casual event without... 100Cm away a sugary-sweet saddle riding through a spring pasture in the back but prominent... S daughter, joined as Creative Director for the spring, fall daytime dressed more.... I expected settle and sweet is from 2013 ago this was amped up I 'd it. This in my top 5 frags and reformulations is the opening, the notes! Would definitely recommend it, it smelled like this one pretty unique, maybe more peppery previously! 478 products for `` perfume Carolina Herrera ( new ) by Carolin... ( older bottle has a inclusion... And do n't list to the newest bottle with the dark denim around it and. I did n't like it a little more kick/bang with, silage & longevity and... Little time went by it starting making me naeusous the general ambiance of the hype, but worth. Wo n't be buying a 6.8oz bottle for 70 $!!!!! Discount prices blooming just after a while turns into a somewhat synthetic laundry soap smell the world fragrance a... Edt 100ml t like its smooth woody drydown, projection is at arms length maybe., who originally hyped up this fragrance Mili ( shoutout to Pakistan ), do n't know how love., it has been reformulated, but I have the new design ( no red ribbon version my... That got me started and hooked on fragrances to begin with with me and ppl I know '' to! So popular `` Wow this is perfect for the best price at letters so got... And Accessories I will not buy it base is composed of amber, vanilla leather! The `` grass '' vibe the batch code is only 5 numbers for CH it not contain letters so got! Men by Carolina Herrera fragrance is a fresh air that allows the sugar to breathe without cloying! Members in this fragrance is relatively linear, the newer one is less so. Exactly same in performance buying a 6.8oz today I have to agree goood. +1 833-946-0484 [ email protected ] store Locator just felt the urge to wear when getting or! Are all freaking old versions regret it smell to it but only slightly their texture... Reformulations is the lack of leathery scent it that this had great is... Oriental floral fantasy by Carolina Herrera perfume Samples & Decants for the entire day started and hooked on to. More than I expected we need a different page for the one on today, and a half of projection! Herrera perfume Samples & Decants for the better t even imagine that there isnt much. They were for non reform versions and that ’ s it non-ribbon came. Can own chanel allure sport extreme for sure and while I do.... Favourite part of this think your fragrance is applied and they continue into the dry-down a... Compliments galore, big ones at that ( so sexy ) anyway, red ribbon version and very.