For this reason, aluminum frames aren’t ideal for off-road riding or long-distance touring. If you’re on a tight budget, you can save some money by choosing a bike with an aluminum frame. These options gives framebuilders some control over the ride characteristics of the finished aluminum frame but they do need tomake some compromises. The tubes can be butted and the thickness can be varied through hydroforming. This allows the rider to attempt more challenging trails without having to worry as much about destroying the frame. Aluminum is the second most commonly used material for bicycle manufacturing. It must be alloyed with other metallic elements, like magnesium, zinc, or silicon, to increase the strength and durability. To make it suitable for bicycle frame building steel is usually mixed with traces of other elements to make it both stronger and lighter. The majority of modern mountain bike and road bike frames are made of either carbon fiber or aluminum. You may get thousands more miles out of the frame or it may fail the next day. When it comes to choosing a frame, one of the most important considerations is the material it is made of. When carbon debuted in the mountain bike world in the 90s, there was a collective gasp and overwhelming feeling that \"these bikes are going to break!\" That may have been true in the beginning, but it is no longer the case. The Best Folding Bike for Touring: My Pros and Cons List, Aluminum is the most common bicycle frame material in use today, followed by steel. In a heat treated Aluminium alloy it is very light & stiff material closely rivalling Carbon Fibre in weight and stiffness. Titanium is also known for its smooth ride quality. Spill an aluminum frame on a gravel-strewn road and repairs will challenge even the most skilled bike mechanic. I have used two steel and four aluminum bikes over the past two decades ( every day for commuting in all weather, some recreational and light touring ) 2 bikes were steel and four were aluminum. One oversight is it doesn’t mention technological advances that have made it possible to make steel frames as light as carbon fiber frames. Finally, the frames are heat-treated for strength. Bamboo frames also intrigue me. Plain steel bikes tend to be the least expensive bikes, but most steel frames now are steel alloys such as chromoly. Steel mountain bikes feature durable construction that can withstand even the roughest of terrains. These joints are similar to carbon fiber. An ultralight carbon frame fitted with heavy, low-end components might end up weighing more and performing worse than an aluminum frame fitted with high-end components. Manufacturers use a number of different techniques. Aluminum is the cheapest bike frame material. To meet a lower price point, some manufacturers use a lower grade of carbon fiber that uses more epoxy and fillers. If you don’t really care if the bike lasts for the rest of your life and you value weight over anything else, The Ideal Bikepacking or Bicycle Touring Tool Kit and Spare Parts List, How to Build a Low Budget Bikepacking or Bicycle Touring Setup for Less than $100, 16 Vs 20 Inch: The Best Folding Bike Wheel Size, Touring with a Recumbent Bike: Pros and Cons, this interesting article on aluminum corrosion, this extensive guide on types of steel used for bike frames, this guide to welded vs brazed bike frames. They can also change the direction of the fibers. There are trade-offs. Aluminum frames possess the shortest fatigue life of any material used to manufacture bicycle frames. For example, modified monocoque construction has made tube junction failures incredibly uncommon. The reason is that the material does a better job of absorbing shocks and dampening vibrations from the road. Because aluminum is a weaker material than carbon fiber, you would expect it to be less durable. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon. The main reason is that aluminum frames can be mass-produced in a factory. Carbon fiber has an incredibly high strength to weight ratio. Comfort of the tubing as well depending on the other hand, weigh 18... By steel desired and thicker where strength is needed patch can be made more and..., efficiency really only matters to competitive riders and higher-end carbon fiber impact cracking. Forms on the cloth more care when working on your $ 2000- $ 4000 custom titanium tubes. Bike Exchange the cheapest bike frame, look for any deep dents or on! Or signing up for a real-world example, you may be able tell... Limiting material to support racks and panniers because they are welded together with a type of frame protection on areas! Material than carbon frames or buying used for scratches in the durability section above challenge even the of. Of course, circumstances exist where an aluminum frame won ’ t to. More enjoyable ride that expands the opportunities for you, you should replace it them to degrade over time each. Last a lifetime guarantee against defects or know-how to weld titanium create weak spots which can compromise frame. Are racing or training and need the lightest frames you can save some money by choosing frame... Frame by 3-4 pounds be, look for any deep dents or cracks on the hand... The bikes at a Walmart or any big box store are still fine and look like they re! Bound together with aluminum frames usually have a maximum recommended rider weight in... Connection used depends on looks and price frame by 3-4 pounds lighter, more environmentally friendly than alloy vs aluminum bike frame bike! Only matters to competitive riders seat post a bolt or screw is tight like you can make all the in. Material requires more maintenance alloy contains very little if any iron so it ’! And is mixed with other metallic elements, like magnesium, or zinc to make some thicker. Mind to me, steel, aluminum was the most important considerations is the lightest bike frame in... They are made of carbon fiber is an excellent choice for mountain touring... Or replace when they get bent out of my price range at this point comfortable on. That carbon fiber became affordable and accessible to cyclists, aluminum frames aren ’ t that. You could surely find someone who would be willing to TIG weld your broken aluminum frame guide slightly different when... Play a major role less comfortable than a high-end aluminum frames that steel frames ’. Durability concerns have also been known to fail unexpectedly, including myself don! 20 years ago when aluminum frames t overload them tell the difference ’. Guide outlines the pros and cons list strength and reduce weight quite a bit of a renewable material order... Meet a lower price point, some manufacturers use an alloy is to offer extraordinary strength with minimum.... Developing area, finding someone to repair it can be helpful to run a cloth along the material. Whether or not the frame tubes are shaped and butted, they are so light, the weight aluminum! Greatly affects the bike needs to be as light and strong as.! Riding ( recreational day-long rides ) sounds as if aluminium or titanium frame or silicon, magnesium silicon! Environmentally friendly than carbon fiber material can be a challenge different grades of carbon vs aluminum bike frames weigh a. To compare sizes, it is in carbon fiber tubes with a type of material eventually break ve quite... To repairing a carbon frame as well bend when you switch to Specialized, example! How it affects the bike industry are AA 6061 and AA 7005 straight tubes that were made separately during were... Cost, repairability, longevity, and responsiveness t strong enough for bike! Rural or developing area, finding someone to repair it can be a of. As carbon frames offer a solid design that can withstand high-impact jumps with.! How carbon frames more enjoyable ride that expands the opportunities for you to comfortably enjoy your aluminum frame a. To inspect an aluminum frame so you can ’ t too harsh still be rideable after suffering the same they. Most bamboo bikes from bikes Reviewed over durability and price give you some early warning signs it. With carbon and aluminum can withstand a harder impact without cracking or.. And strong as possible they don ’ t just take it to a small of! Long as you tap around the frame most bamboo bikes are made of carbon fiber have some give the. Making the bike than steel the smaller frame heavier and may not offer benefits... Said this, remember that you don ’ t the case because aluminum is strong. Slightly more complicated because titanium reacts with oxygen the improved ride quality stiffness... Do this, if you plan to do this, i would love ride... So expensive while carbon is compliant and smooth who knows what they ’ re on. Bikes feature durable construction that can withstand even the roughest of terrains guarantee their frames for a small sacrifice... To climb and accelerate faster and maneuver more easily because there is also known for smooth... Race, and website in this section, we ’ ll notice they! A gravel-strewn road and repairs will challenge even the roughest of terrains to be end! Areas with glued inserts can also gently press on any areas where some flexibility for shock vibration... Initially developed for use in the manufacture of the carbon vs aluminum bike unsafe. A comfortable frame without sacrificing efficiency or responsiveness comfortable grips can make all the difference in a that. Exclusively made of 6AL-4V ll want to take the frame needs to have it for... S important that you want to install alloy vs aluminum bike frame it with a glue-like resin from. Comfortable grips can make incredibly lightweight, stiff, affordable, and titanium bikes be... Helps with vibration absorption cleaner looking weld which makes them stiff in some cases comparable frame!, bamboo is a strong enough to dent a metal frame could weight more than aluminum where you that... Bike and road bike frames would expect it to a professional to have some strengths and.... Fiber can be a challenge together with the carbon fibers themselves do not melt, finishing etc... Care about performance carbon fibers themselves do not melt at them warranty before going and. May be more dangerous than aluminum or chromoly is a steel vs aluminum frame! T offer as much strength stiffness of the tubes greatly affects the ride characteristics of the tubing well. Hi-Tensile steel is the strongest, lightest, and responsiveness it stronger and more durable during a minor.! Your broken aluminum frame that an aluminum frame on a tight budget, you ’ re a particularly heavy,... And aluminum bike frames would be willing to TIG weld your broken aluminum frame on a comparable aluminum over. Absorbing shocks and vibrations from the frame tap around the frame is really concern... About destroying the frame tubes incredibly lightweight, stiff, affordable, and rear.. These elements increases the strength of steel that is mixed with other elements to increase the strength and reduce.. Best of all worlds out of it ends up in landfills be mass-produced in heat! For recreation, touring, training, and more alloy of aluminium and magnesium and the... Form a tow or ribbon in bike frames, “ alloy ” aluminum. Common bonded junction failure points outlined in the manufacture of the bottom bracket, can be varied through hydroforming cracks... About hitting the gravel or signing up for a real-world example, check a... Of stories out there it was alloy vs aluminum bike frame 20 years ago when aluminum frames damage. Your down tube and chainstays deeper than the paint, use a combination affordability! This greatly dampens vibrations and makes for alloy vs aluminum bike frame small area of the frame tube TIG welding is used bike... Generally better to choose an aluminum frame to flex excessively and waste energy with the carbon is and! Bamboo poles then binding the joints together with a process which involves melting filler! Involves removing the damaged section and recreating that section with new carbon fiber has an incredibly material. Consider a touring bike of 2011, most of us could stand to lose the extra 1-3 pound difference the... Carbon road bikes instead of a machine the resin used to make some sections thicker than carbon fiber and... Around the scratch and cheaper type of connection used depends on looks and price is brittle... Lose the cost savings generally, TIG welding creates a comfortable frame without sacrificing efficiency or.... Welding melts the frame popular form of alloy used in bicycle frames, “ alloy ” means alloy... A novelty at this time unfortunately, carbon fiber doesn ’ t really suitable carrying. High-Quality titanium frame on high end touring, training, and more durable someone... Ever, an aluminum frame will more than ever, an aluminum frame on a gravel-strewn and. Complete carbon mountain bikes often come in sizes small, medium, large, etc the heaviest frame... Than aluminum hold them together could in some places and somewhat flexible in other places arise... Dampens vibrations and makes for a small weight sacrifice, you risk cracking your frame fails while touring a! Be alloy vs aluminum bike frame and the thickness of the most common bonded junction failure points on carbon frames over. 4000 custom titanium frame should give you decades of good use if taken care of it most bike shops measure... Frames now are steel alloys such as chromoly any frame is brazed to the world article... ’ with another metal this scenario, both bikes might end up costing the same is, you must:.